RECLAIM: The Heroine's Journey of Transformation

Supporting Reclamation of Truth

The world is full of people who have stopped listening to themselves.
-joseph campbell

The great mythologist Joseph Campbell believed that if we don’t listen to our own heart, we get lost in the shuffle.  We miss out on following our bliss.  

Following the collective trauma we went through during the pandemic, many of us started looking at how we are actually living our lives.  Do you feel a different life calling to you? 

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • I feel like I am trapped in a box.
  • I want to break into a new life but have no idea how to do this.
  • I have a secret desire to leave an outmoded relationship, dead-end job, or the predictability of my current life, but am fearful of disrupting the status quo.
  • My old self no longer fits.
  • I feel like I am unable to affect what is happening around me.
  • I feel “out of sync” with my life.
  • I find myself in a situation that has diminishing returns.
  • The activities I used to enjoy seem to be less satisfying. 
  • I quietly wonder to myself, “Is this it?”

Hi. I’m Betsy, a licensed psychologist, certified yoga and meditation teacher, author, and momma of 3.

My pandemic was especially challenging as I was forced to face things in my life, both internal and external, that were no longer working well.

At a particularly painful period in the pandemic when I felt especially powerless and lost, a mentor of mine suggested we meet and do some meditation. We sat together for a long guided meditation, and during it, something unexpected happened.

I felt an opening in my heart, a sense of warmth and support behind me, and heard very clearly, “Please stop worrying about your daily life. The important thing to know is that you are here in service to the Divine Feminine, the Goddess.”

This experience was so real, so visceral, and so comforting that I couldn’t ignore it. But what did this mean? Being in service to the Divine Feminine?

In true seeker fashion, for nearly a year, I dove into learning everything I could about the Goddess. This led me to see how healing my inner feminine was well and good, but that I also needed to work with the masculine energy within. This “sacred marriage” of my inner masculine and feminine led me to a beautiful space of vulnerability and strength that I had never known.

I have a sense that at this pivotal point in history, many of us need to reclaim our truth, which is supported by a balanced masculine and feminine. Learning to balance the seemingly opposite energies of rest and work, logic and intuition, kindness and boundaries are what will take us to a more evolved, peaceful state of being.

"During the second half of life, our task is to be neither well-adjusted nor normal; our task is to be ourselves."

~ Carl G. Jung

What is Reclaim?

RECLAIM is a 9-week online program based on the Heroine’s Journey, or a roadmap of healing and transformation that takes you down deep into your soul and allows you to find and reclaim your truth.

This course sets out the roadmap of the heroine’s journey through 4 phases:

  1. Separating from the feminine and aligning with the masculine
  2. Being initiated by the Goddess
  3. Healing the inner feminine and wounded masculine
  4. The return to one’s life as a new person

Each week, we will explore these phases and learn the delicate art of integrating the masculine and feminine within using the tools of depth psychology, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, shadow work, inner child work, dream work, and group support.

The final outcome of creating a balanced inner feminine and inner masculine is a refined discernment that allows you to better see what serves your highest good, and what limits it.

In this 9-week Online Course You Will:

  • Learn to map the moments in your life when you began to disconnect from your self and your innate truth.
  • Explore your relationships with your body, why most of us split from it, how it reflects our connection to our inner feminine and ways we can reclaim a compassionate relationship with it.
  • Vision the integration or sacred marriage of your masculine and feminine.
  • Connect to other like-minded participants via a private Facebook group.
  • Have access to Betsy via Facebook group and email for questions and guidance.
  • Have the opportunity for 2 private 1-on-1 sessions with Betsy (PERSONALIZED ADD-ON OPTION).
  • Receive 2 online yoga classes with Betsy each week.
  • Take part in 3 cacao ceremonies corresponding with the new moon for intention setting.
  • Lifetime access to this course.

Who is this Training for?

This workshop is for anyone who feels ready for or is already in the midst of transformational change. This may look like a job change, a relationship ending, an empty nest, the death of a loved one, retirement, diagnosis, or identity shift. It is also for the person who fears change, but knows they are stuck and is curious about getting unstuck.

Although this course will explore the “heroine’s journey,” it is not just a journey for women. However you identify, you are welcome. No matter whether you identify as male, female, or trans, all humans who live in patriarchal cultures are carrying an inherent imbalance and could benefit from learning how to nurture the positive qualities vs. the toxic qualities of masculine and feminine energies.


REMIND is a 9-week structured training that takes place from November 27-February 5, 2024.

Each Monday at 6:00 PM CST starting November 27, you receive a link to join our LIVE class. This 60-minute live class will be a mix of lecture, experiential exercises, and discussion, each week being a different mix of the aforementioned components. If you cannot make the LIVE class, you will receive a recording of it that you can watch anytime.

Weekly Yoga Classes
In addition to the weekly material, you have access to Betsy’s weekly yoga classes that meet T/S @ 9 AM CST. She will typically tie the material presented that week into the classes she teaches that week.

Access to all Content
All the course content will be saved on a website (the week’s content, and the 2 weekly yoga classes). So, even if you cannot make any of the live events, you still have access to all the content.

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Here’s What You Get

Lifetime access to 9 content classes$450 value
9 Q&As with Dr. Betsy following the content classes$300 value
3 Cacao Ceremonies$150 value
2 Live Yoga Classes Per Week (that are also recorded) with Betsy$360 value
Curated package with RECLAIM journal and 3 portions of cacao$50 value
That’s a $1,310 value for $495!

Optional Add-Ons

 Personalized – 2 Private 50-minute sessions with Dr. Betsy$500



Package Includes:

  • Full Course



Package Includes:

  • Full Course


  • 2 Individual Sessions with Dr. Betsy 



Package Includes:

  • Full Course

Why you'LL love it


Betsy brings her knowledge of psychology and the wisdom tradition of yoga to understanding the phenomenon of transformation, awakening, and shifting consciousness.

  • Receive weekly encouragement, inspiration, and normalization for the personal (and also universal) process of change you are navigating.
  • Each week receive pointed soul work including journal questions, meditations, and contemplations that will help you take your process deeper.

Embodiment Practices

Betsy is a firm believer in taking intellectual wisdom and embodying it or actually feeling it in the body. Most classes will include a guided practice (yoga, breath, meditation, yoga nidra, hypnosis) to help you embody the top of the class.

  • You will receive each of these programs as a video or audio recording to listen to whenever you want.

CaCAO Ceremonies

Take part in 3 cacao ceremonies over the course of the experience. You will be shipped the cacao if you are out of town, or we will arrange a time for you to pick it up at the yoga studio.

  • Cacao is a superfood, a natural mood elevator, and is thought to produce an uplifting energetic state that opens the heart.
  • Each cacao ceremony will take place on the day of the new moon. New moons are ideal days to set an intention and settle into contemplation for the coming month. Because this course is about reclamation, rebirth, and rites of passage, we believe adding this powerful ceremony each month will enhance your process.

Live Q&A'S

Three live Q&A’s with Betsy addressing the material and discussing your progress and challenges.

Community Connection

Private FB group to post and connect with others. Share reflections, insights, and questions as you move through the program.



  • 2 individual 50-minute sessions with Dr. Betsy throughout the course of the program to discuss your personal experience and receive support.

There are a limited number of spaces for this option. (Add’l $1000)

Learn at Your Pace

You have lifetime access to the Videos and Practices, which means you can move through this course at your own pace and review the lessons that are especially potent as many times as you like.


November 27: Intro to the Program, What to Expect, Understanding Cacao Ceremonies, Mapping Our Masculine & Feminine Energy. Understanding how we separate from the Feminine and the Masculine

December 4: The descent to the Goddess, the many faces of the Goddess, Invoking the Goddess 

December 11:  Connecting to our Root chakra and the Goddess of strength & protection Durga

December 12:  New Moon Cacao Ceremony @ 6PM

December 18: Connecting to our Sacral chakra and the Goddess of abundance and pleasure Lakshmi

December 25: No class

January 1: No class

January 8: Connecting to our Solar Plexus chakra and the Goddess of revolution and freedom Kali

January 11: New Moon Cacao Ceremony @ 6PM

January 15: Connecting to our Heart chakra and the Goddess of compassion Kwan Yin

January 22:  Connecting to our Throat chakra and the Goddess of creativity and voice Saraswati

January 29: Connecting to our Third eye chakra and the Goddess of intuition and letting go Dhumavati

February 5: Connecting to Our Crown Chakra and the Goddess of the world Bhuvaneshvari

February 9: New Moon Cacao Ceremony @ 6PM 

What's Included in this Training

  • (9) 60-min. Live classes with Betsy
  • (9) 60-min. Q&A’s with Dr. Betsy
  • (3) 60-minute cacao ceremonies, plus 3 packs of cacao to use in ceremony
  • Downloadable slides/handouts for each lesson
  • Password-protected member’s portal
  • Private FB group
  • Continuing Education credits (per request)
  • Lifetime access to your program materials

About Your Guide

Betsy Rippentrop, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, certified yoga and meditation teacher, and reiki master who uniquely blends science, psychology, mysticism, and spirituality into her yoga classes and private therapy work.  

Dr. Betsy is especially adept at translating complex concepts into practical tools that can be embodied. She believes in the necessity of taking what we learn intellectually and living it out through our bodies and life. It is not enough to “learn” with the mind, rather it is essential to act it out through the body.

 She owns Heartland Yoga, maintains a psychology practice focused on integrating yoga into treatment, has authored numerous academic papers on the mind-body connection, and is the author of Chakra Healing: Renew Your Life Force with the Chakras’ Seven Energy Centers.


RECLAIM takes place November 27, 2023-FEBRUARY 5, 2024. The LIVE online class occurs each Monday, starting November 27 at 6:00PM CST. We do not meet the Mondays of Christmas day or New Years day.

Because all the classes are recorded and you will also receive links to the practices, you can essentially do the course at any time. You have lifetime access to this material. However, online access to Betsy via the private FB page only happens for the duration of the 9 weeks.

Each week contains 60 minutes of content. You will be given additional “soul work” such as journal prompts, meditation, and contemplation that you can do if interested. Finally, there is a cacao ceremony once per month for 60 minutes that you can choose to join.

Yes! All sessions are recorded in video and audio format so you can go back and listen at any time.

During the course, Betsy will stay on for up to a full hour after the content class on Mondays to answer questions and engage with the group.  If you desire more contact, you can add on the “SUPPORTIVE”  option for two 50-minute individual sessions with Betsy.  Betsy no longer takes on individual clients in her private practice so this is a good opportunity to have a chance to do focused work with her.

The reading isn’t required, but will be useful fo r those who are ready to dive in. Here are a few of the core books we will be pulling from in this course: The Heroine’s Journey by Maureen Murdock, Hidden Blessings by Jett Psaris, and Living an Examined Life by James Hollis.

Yes, all of Betsy’s weekly yoga classes (Tuesday & Saturday at 9 AM CST) are included in the price. You will receive the links for these classes. If there is space to attend live with Betsy in the studio, you can attend on a first-come, first-serve basis.

A big part of this course is discernment and intention setting for your life. New moons energetically are the ideal time to create intention so for every new moon during this 9-week course we will meet for an hour online for a cacao ceremony and intention setting. Cacao is a plant medicine that opens the heart and provides a beautiful seeding ground for asking and receiving. You will receive a box at the start of the program with 3 individual packs of raw, ceremonial grade cacao to use for each ceremony.

It is unknown if this program will ever be offered again. Betsy tends to teach material that is alive and moving through her own life. The content of this program is extremely relevant for Betsy right now, which is why it is the ideal time to teach it. It does seem important that his work will take place during the darkest months of the year in the northern hemisphere, as much of the work is depth psychology and shadow work, leading to eventual rising and returning to the light.

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Here’s What You Get

Lifetime access to 9 content classes$450 value
9 Live Q&As with Dr. Betsy$300 value
3 Cacao Ceremonies$150 value
2 Live Yoga Classes Per Week (that are also recorded) with Betsy$360 value
Curated package with RECLAIM journal and 6 portions of cacao$50 value
That’s a $1,310 value for $495!

Optional Add-Ons

2 private 50-minute sessions with Dr. Betsy $500



Package Includes:

  • Full Course



Package Includes:

  • Full Course


  • 2 Private Sessions with Dr. Betsy

$180 for 3 Months


Package Includes:

  • Full Course