REMIND yourself how good you can feel.

Enhancing Emotional Resiliency with Yoga, Psychology & Neuroscience

Half of the American population feels way more stress today than they did five years ago.
(And this was before a pandemic…)

Many days feel like running on a treadmill where we are working hard and yet getting nowhere.

And now we have also been dealing with uncertainty and massive cultural change. 

It’s not surprising that we all start to forget what it means to lead a vibrant, fulfilling life — one that makes us feel good.

It feels like surviving rather than thriving.

If you’re starting to feel like… 

  • Your inner critic often gets the best of you
  • You’re always overwhelmed (and your to-do list never ends)
  • Your body constantly feels fatigued, stiff, and sore—and isn’t functioning optimally
  • You aren’t sleeping deeply or soundly
  • Your mind feels busy, judgmental, and unsettled
  • You want to shut down and numb yourself to cope with life

… Then I’m taking an educated guess that you want to:

  • Start feeling more energized and in love with your life again
  • Experience an energetic and pain-free body
  • Use your belief in the mind-body connection to learn how it can benefit your wellbeing
  • Seek out a program that can help you do just that!

“My life’s work is to guide people like you into a deeper awareness of how powerful it can be to integrate your mind, body, and spirit to reclaim joy and resiliency.”


But I took a very circuitous route to get here.” – Dr. Betsy Rippentrop

Hi, I’m Betsy

I’m a licensed psychologist, certified yoga and meditation teacher, author, and momma of 3. In my 20s I spent a decade studying the miraculous mind, getting a Ph.D in counseling psychology, doing research, publishing academic articles, and starting a private practice.

Sounds pretty great, right?

Well — as I entered my 30s, I started to have a sinking feeling that all I had learned in my six years of competitive post-graduate training wasn’t enough.


My training had taught me to cut the head off from the body. Deep down, I sensed that my profession didn’t fully understand the importance of integrating the body into caring for the mind — but I knew that in combination, they could be incredibly healing.

So, I sought training in yoga, anatomy, Reiki, Ayurveda, meditation, somatic experiencing, and the chakra system and even opened a yoga studio right next door to my psychology practice.

Wondering what my 40s brought me?

Well, now I no longer separate my work into “psychological” or “yoga” but rather, I honor the magic that happens when we bridge these two disciplines. I realized that by attending to both the body and the mind, a return to our intrinsic wholeness takes place.

Psychology and yoga, while certainly not the same, are complementary. While they are both powerful healing methodologies in and of themselves, when put together their power only increases. There is a synergistic effect where yoga and psychology taken together is greater than the sum of their separate parts.

Yoga needs psychology.  And psychology needs yoga.

And to move forward with greater ease and joy, I believe YOU need both, too.

After going through my own personal journey of autoimmune illness and overwhelm and working with hundreds of clients struggling with mental health challenges — anxiety, depression, trauma, physical health, you name it — I wanted to make this approach as accessible as possible to others.

Introducing… REMIND
An 8-week online program to help you reclaim your fullest potential and build emotional resiliency for any stressors to come.

If you want to start living a life of less stress in alignment with your best self (so you can stop passing out on the couch at the end of the day)

REMIND was created to support people like you who want to feel better, wake up with a renewed sense of purpose, and bid goodbye to anxiety and depression.

REMIND focuses on Six Key Factors

These factors are empirically supported and help explain the healing power of yoga: 

  • Inhabiting the body
  • Realigning with natural cycles and rhythms
  • Balancing the nervous system
  • Regulating the breath
  • Remaining in the present moment
  • Creating new narratives

When you join this program, you’ll be able to:

  • Bolster your mental and physical well being in 9 short weeks
  • Gain insight into your mind-body type and how this impacts your mood
  • Activate a new toolbox of practical techniques to shift your mood
  • Energize the entire system with breath techniques that brighten your outlook
  • Overcome body shame through the process of being more present in the body
  • Replace outdated mental narratives with more life-enhancing perspectives
  • Learn easy and sustainable ways to meditate


And you’ll gain access to:

  • A close, connected community of like-minded people
  • Betsy’s guidance through email and our Facebook community
  • 18 LIVE yoga classes with Betsy via Zoom on T/S at 9 AM/CST (and if you don’t make the actual live class, recordings will be sent your way)
… PLUS, you’ll receive lifetime access to the course, so you can return to it whenever you need it


Every week, you’ll receive:

  • A 90-minute live class each Wednesday that presents new content followed by an embodied practice that helps the lesson land in your body/mind
  • Access to all of Betsy’s weekly yoga classes (for a total of 18 classes)
  • Email encouragement from Betsy

Payment Plan Available
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(3 Payments of $175)

There’s never *one* path to feeling your best…

But, this course is research-informed and unites two modalities that give you the opportunity to explore what works for you.

dates to be announced

REMIND is a live 8-week course that takes place every Wednesday at 5:30PM, starting October 19th.

Can’t make it live? You’ll receive a recording you can watch anytime.


  • Learn key positive psychology theories that also show up in yoga
  • Compare how psychology and yoga understand mental health & how to improve it
  • Review the 6 key attributes of wholeness that we all share
  • Learn the socio-cultural reasons for why we are all so disconnected from our bodies
  • Understand the 4 main benefits of embodiment
  • Gain insight into the new scientific interest in interoception and how it relates to being embodied
  • Get clear on your unique body mind-body type according to Ayurveda and how this informs your daily rhythms
  • Learn where in your body depression, anxiety, and anger are stored
  • Understand particular yoga sequences and techniques that shift mood states
  • Cover the new research on Polyvagal theory and how our mood states may be more connected to our nervous system than we used to think
  • Learn the yogic 3 states of mind
  • Understand how yoga changes the brain
  • Take a breath assessment and learn what your breathing reveals about you
  • Understand different breath techniques that elevate mood, calm anxiety, and clear the mind
  • Discuss the power of meditation, as well as the research that supports its efficacy
  • Practice multiple different ways to meditate
  • Understand the real purpose of meditation
  • Identify how to know if meditation is working in your life
  • Learn about samskara and the negativity bias
  • Understand neuroplasticity and the 3 things that contribute to enhancing it
  • Get clear on the 3 faulty ways of thinking that we can begin to shift
  • Learn to alter your perspective to alter your reality
  • Discuss the concept of dharma or life purpose and why it is the source of contentment
Wisdom Talks

Introduction to the 6 potent ingredients that appear to make yoga so effective at bolstering our health.


Videos and audio guides of 90-minute practices (yoga, breath, meditation, yoga nidra) to help you feel better. All of these practices follow a wisdom talk and are intended to help you embody the content just covered. Each of these practices will be saved on a website that you have lifetime access to so you can watch or re-do the practice as many times as you like.

Live Q&A

Two live Q & A’s with Betsy addressing the material and discussing your progress and challenges.

Yoga with Betsy at Home

For the 8 weeks you are enrolled in REMIND, you have access to 18 additional yoga classes with Betsy. You can either attend live (T/S at 9 AM CST) or each of these classes will be saved on the website where all course content is saved. You can access these classes anytime.

Learn at Your Own Pace

You have lifetime access to the videos and practices. This means you can move through this course at your own pace and review the lessons that are especially potent as many times as you like.

Payment Plan Available
during Checkout
(3 Payments of $175)


There are scholarships available to those who might benefit. For more information about how to apply, email

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