The Resiliency Muscle:

Webinar on October 5
at 12:00PM CST

the webinar

If you feel yourself dreading the onset of the winter months, you are not alone.  As we enter the darkest time of the year, it is not uncommon for people’s moods and energy levels to plummet. 

To safeguard against the winter blahs, there are specific tools from positive psychology and the yoga tradition that can help build your resiliency muscle.

Resiliency is our capacity to bounce back from stress and challenging times more efficiently.  It is something we can strengthen to feel more deeply resourced, especially in the darkest days.

What you will learn:

  • Why fear and anxiety often spike this time of year and how we magnify or exaggerate perceived threats to our own detriment.
  • How the pace of modern life fosters an imbalanced nervous system which means we all need tools to self-regulate.  Without the tools, we stay in dysregulation!
  • How embracing paradox in life (I.e., the fact that life is messy, mysterious, and unpredictable) is key to building resilience.
  • The 6 ways to build an unshakeable core of resiliency.

About Your Guide

Betsy Rippentrop, PhD, is a licensed psychologist, certified yoga and meditation teacher, and reiki master who uniquely blends science, psychology, mysticism and spirituality into her yoga classes, online trainings, and private therapy work.

Dr. Betsy is especially adept at translating complex concepts into practical tools that can be embodied.  She believes in the necessity of taking what we learn intellectually and living it out through our bodies and life.  It is not enough to “learn” with the mind, rather it is essential to act it out through the body.

She owns Heartland Yoga, maintains a psychology practice focused on integrating yoga into treatment, has authored numerous academic papers on the mind-body connection and is author of Chakra Healing: Renew Your Life Force with the Chakras’ Seven Energy Centers.

Follow her on Instagram @dryogamomma and listen to her podcast Tend Her Wild.

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Webinar on October 5
at 12:00PM CST

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