An In-Depth Certification
Bridging Psychology + Yoga
for Mental Well Being

You have a calling to integrate the body and the mind.

To heal and provide hope.

Learn tools of transformation for you, your clients & your students.

Next Course begins Feb 19 2024

My Internal Sense
I always sensed that the mind and body were intricately connected.  While in college during the 90s there was no clear career path for how to work with the phenomenon of the mind-body connection.  

Following college, I entered a PhD program in counseling psychology with a minor in health psychology.  I spent years completing coursework, working in hospital settings with patients, and doing research on the psychological ramifications of living with cancer and with chronic back pain. 

And at the end of a decade of school…. I still felt at a loss for truly understanding the mind-body connection. Moreover, I had little supervision on how to implement mind-body clinical interventions.

This pushed me into a dark night of the soul.  Despite a busy and thriving private practice, I felt like I was not delivering the mind body work that I so clearly knew was needed.

Enter Yoga
I had been practicing it for personal stress relief since the start of graduate school, but had never even considered it to be a potential “clinical intervention” for my patients or a road map of how to connect the body and mind.

Until…I took a 3 month yoga immersion in 2005 that introduced me to the philosophy and deep wisdom at the core of this practice.   A lightbulb went on for me. 

This was the missing link I had been searching for all those years in graduate school.   I found it in the study of yoga.

Twenty-four years into clinical practice and sixteen years into yoga teaching, I now deeply believe that these 2 disciplines, when integrated, are a powerful path to enhanced mental and physical health.

Psychology and yoga, while certainly not the same, are complementary. While they are both powerful healing methodologies in and of themselves, there is a synergistic effect when used together. 

The Course
I designed this course because it is exactly what I was searching for during my graduate school years – a clear and concise way to integrate the mind and body.  It’s what so many therapists and students in training have come to me asking for.  It’s what my yoga teacher trainees want to learn more about.  And, it is why I routinely have a wait list of patients wanting to work with me because of this focus on the mind body connection.

I’ve seen firsthand that when we apply the time-tested tools of yoga (that now are also being empirically supported by current research), our physical and mental health is greatly enhanced.  

Mental health problems are at an all time high in our culture. The stress of our lives has caught up with us. We need to start expanding our ideas of treatment. Addressing the body, energy, mind, wisdom, and spirit of a person is essential, and yoga does just this.

What is Yoga for the Mind?

Yoga for the Mind is an online 4-month program that will provide you a certification for integrating yoga into your mental health work, or integrating an understanding of mental health into how you teach yoga. (It’s also possible that this program resonates for someone wanting to do their own deep healing mind-body work). 

Graduates of the certification program, working within their scope of practice, will be able to use the skills learned in this program as adjunctive treatment for mental health.  

This training is designed first and foremost to transform you as an individual by providing opportunity for inner depth work.  It is my belief that the best practitioners are those who have faced themselves and continue to engage in self-study.  

The course will also provide evidence based practical tools to use with your clients, whether you are a therapist working 1-on-1 with clients or a teacher leading group classes.

This program is based on the Kosha Model, a philosophy based in the yoga tradition that teaches we have a physical body, an energy body, a mental body, a wisdom body, and a bliss body.  For each of these 5 bodies, theory as well as evidence based yoga skills, will be covered.

This training teaches specific tools for anxiety, depression, trauma, and anger/stress (as well as more generalized tools for enhanced overall well being).  Participants will learn yoga based assessments, theoretical frameworks, and interventions.  

For those in clinical practice, time will be given to discussing the realities, ethics, and invitational language required to integrate yoga into psychotherapy.  

This training also includes weekly Q & A’s with Dr. Betsy for additional support and supervision as you begin to use this methodology in your work.

  • Each Monday you will receive a 2 hour live class with new content. 
  • Each Thursday there is a 1-hour live Case Consultation/Coaching/ Q & A with Betsy.
  • You have access to all of Betsy’s live online yoga classes throughout the duration of the training.
  • You get 2 30-minute individual sessions with Betsy.  One at the start of the program to set goals, and one at the the end to review progress. 
  • You will be placed in a small group cohort for additional support and connection.

At the end of the program, not only will you have a clearer vision about how your mind and body are connected, but you will also understand how to bring this material to your patients, clients, and students through your yoga teaching, your therapeutic practice, or even through a course you might teach.

In this 4-Month Online Certification Training You Will:

  • Understand the yogic philosophy that relates directly to healing the mind.
  • Receive support for your own inner growth, healing, and evolution.
  • Receive the latest cutting edge research on yoga for mental health, as well as digestible and effective ways to communicate this research to your clients and students.
  • Learn a clear mind-body model for treatment planning and/or teaching that is supported by science.
  • Receive an entire manual of practical mind-body techniques to enhance mood.
  • Enhance confidence in your ability to implement mind-body interventions because of your own depth work around your own mind, body, spirit, energy connection.
  • Learn invitational language when introducing mind-body concepts to clients and students.
  • Create a niche for yourself in your profession and learn the language to communicate your expertise.
  • Receive individualized supervision from an expert in the field on how to practically integrate these tools into your profession.
  • Understand the science of trauma, including how if effects information processing, affect regulation, and memory. 

Who is this workshop for?

  • Health professionals (psychologists, doctors, nurses, physicians assistants, therapists, social workers, health coaches, body workers) interested in integrating yoga and mind-body techniques into clinical practice 
  • Yoga teachers with an interest in specializing in yoga for mental health and teaching more psychological and trauma informed yoga
  • Yoga students interested in personal growth and understanding their mind-body connection and its relationship to mental well being 

Continuing education credits may also be available to you if you are in a licensed profession like psychology or medicine. 


REMIND is an 4-month structured training that begins Feb 2024. 

In this intensive certification, each week spans a particular topic.  Week by week, new material is added.  You will be taught strategies and tools as we all need a repository of tools from which to guide.  This program is a database of tools and strategies to enhance mental well being.  

Each Monday at 5:30PM starting February 19 you receive a link to a live zoom call (See below for details of the curriculum).  The Monday night class will be  2 hours.   It is recommended to join the call most weeks, as there are opportunities for questions, discussion, and small group break-outs.  However, everything is recorded, so you can certainly watch at a later time if this is what works in your schedule.   If you do watch it at a later time, it is recommended that you watch it sometime before the Thursday noon call.

Each Thursday from 12-1:00 PM CST we will meet as a group for a live call to discuss the week’s material, answer questions, receive inspiration, and support each other in our internal growth.  Certain weeks may also include case reviews, or role plays where Betsy works individually with a client.

Weekly Yoga Classes
In addition to the weekly material, you have access to Betsy’s weekly yoga classes that meet T/S @ 9AM.  She will typically tie the material presented in Monday’s lecture into the classes she teaches that week.

Access to all Content
All the course content will be saved on a website (the week’s content, the Q & A calls, and the weekly yoga classes).  So, even if you cannot make any of the live events, you still have access to all the content.

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Here’s What You Get

Lifetime access to 5 Modules $2000 value
4 Months of Weekly Supervision Phone Call with Dr. Betsy$3200 value
2 Live Yoga Classes Per Week (that are also recorded) with Betsy$480 value
Yoga For the Mind Workbook$40 value
2 Privates (30 minutes each with Dr. Betsy)$250 value
Plus You Get the Bonus
REMIND Program with Betsy$500
That’s a $6470 value for $3300!
Pay in Full


Payment Plan

Options Available at Checkout

As low as $270/month 

Why you will love it

Deep Dive

  • This material is a deep dive into both the esoteric nature of the yoga tradition as well as the scientific evidence of current day research on yoga and mental health.
  • It is a priceless opportunity to work with your own inner growth and transformation.  You will be a different person at the end of this training. 
  • Interventions, class plans, forms, and handouts that accompany each class will allow you to create a binder of materials that support this practice.  
  • Each week you will receive soul work and exercises to prompt enhanced self-awareness.

Embodiment Practices

  • In addition to each Monday’s lecture material, you will have access to Betsy’s weekly yoga classes (T/S @ 9).  Betsy’s yoga themes for the week will typically mirror content that was shared in the Monday night lecture.  
  • If you cannot make the live classes, they are all recorded and uploaded onto the website that will hold all the course content for your to watch whenever you want.

Live Calls with Dr. Betsy

  • One of the most powerful components of this program is all the live connection you get with Betsy throughout the course of this 4 months.  She has been doing psychology + yoga integration work for 18 years so brings much experience and insight to this process.  Weekly live Q & A’s provide time for questions, supervision about current cases you might be working with professionally, and discussion of the week’s topic.

Community Connection

  • We will have a private FB group where you can post and share with others in the training.
  • Additionally, you will be assigned to a small group of 3-4 students.  It will be suggested that you meet for 1-2 hours per month to discuss your progress in the course, personal issues that arise through the learning of the material, as well as the integration of this into your work.   Having a small cohort to connect to is a powerful opportunity to create lifelong colleagues and connections. Participation in the small groups however is NOT MANDATORY! You do NOT have to stay within your assigned group- if you wish to join a different group, reach out to someone in that group and let them know you would like to join. WE DO NOT MODERATE OR FACILITATE THESE GROUPS.

Learn at Your Pace

  • You have life-time access to the Videos and Practices.  Which means you can move through this course at your own pace and review the lessons that are especially potent as many times as you like.
  • Although it is ideal to complete the course in the 5 month period as we will have a final celebration/graduation day on July 7, 2023. 


  • How the Program Works
  • Importance of inner work and the arch of  personal self-evolution
  • Why you can only take a client as far as you have gone
  • Intro to The Kosha Model
  • Historical Antecedents (types of mind-body theories and treatments)
  • Tool for the week: Mind/Body/Heart Check-in
  • Intro to Annamaya Kosha
  • The Body Is Where we Must Start 
  • Science of Embodiment/Interoception
  • Science of Pain
  • Decoding the Body/Listening to the Body
  • Tool for the week: Body Self Assessment
  • Intro to Ayurveda and your Mind/Body Dosha
  • Sleep Tips
  • Digestion and the Microbiome
  • Lifestyle tips for your Dosha
  • Tool for the week: Abhyanga 
  • Intro to Pranamaya Kosha: Breath, Energy
  • Nadis
  • Bandhas
  • The Energy of Places, People, Emotion
  • The Empath
  • The Dysregulated Nervous System & Gunas
  • Poly Vagal Theory
  • Intro to Trauma (and Trauma Informed Yoga)
  • Intro to Chakras
  • Intro to Manomaya Kosha: Western Psychology vs. Yogic Philosophy
  • Neuronal Networks – Neuroplasticity
  • Samskaras
  • Power of Mantra
  • Meditation 101
  • Malas
  • Dharma: Our Life Purpose
  • Mental Practices for Depression, Anxiety, Anger/Stress, Insomnia, Trauma
  • Intro to Vijnanamaya Kosha: The Unconscious Mind
  • Iceberg Metaphor
  • Granthis
  • Dream Work
  • Shadow Work
  • Intuition
  • Wisdom Practices for Depression, Anxiety, Anger/Stress, Insomnia, Trauma
  • Intro to Anandamaya Kosha: The Bliss Body
  • Mood enhancing practices
  • Putting it all together
  • How to integrate this work into a clinical practice
  • Insurance, Forms
  • Treatment plans
  • Business Based Models
  • Working on final project (me-search)
  • Finishing final assessment


I’m confident that this program will help foster your own inner growth as well as provide you the practical tools to use in your work which is why I am offering a 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee.  

Here’s how it works…
Complete the first month. If you are not happy with what you are learning you can request a full refund within the first 30 days of the program.  All I ask is that you show up for all the lectures, all the live coaching classes, and complete the homework assignments.  If you do this and find the material doesn’t support you in anyway, I’ll gladly refund your investment in this program.

What's Included in this Certification Training

  • 14 weeks of 2 hour lectures
  • 14 Q & A calls with Dr. Betsy
  • 32 yoga classes 
  • 2 Individual sessions with Dr. Betsy
  • Downloadable Handouts for Each Lesson
  • Password protected member’s portal
  • Private FB group
  • Small Groups for additional Support
  • Continuing Education credits (depends on your professional licensure)
  • Life time access to your program materials
  • Final day of celebration/graduation in July (details TBA)
  • A certificate of completion

Client Testimonials

I’ve been in awe of the content, messaging, inspiration that you have been putting out into the world. For fellow creatives, this time has been hard to dig below the surface to create positive genuine connection with people through our work. So to see you do it, and all the people you are touching, especially when we can’t be touching, well, just wow. Thank you for being a light in the dark for so many!

Rachael R

A thousand words cannot express either the love and gratitude I feel for you nor the discovery of my True Self tapping into my Higher Self. Thanks to you and the Universe in general, I found the courage to be vulnerable. The resulting power of standing in my Dharma is still heart-, mind- and soul-blowing to me - yes, the transition is still ongoing.

Alice S

I'm in tears writing to you, I powerfully know now that I am not broken. This is a huge breakthrough for me . My body DOES know how to heal.


I feel so grateful for all the work you've done on yourself, selfishly, because you are so tapped in and attuned and then able to share these insights.


I  want to extend my gratitude for your mentorship. As a recent grad, taking notes during your lectures has brought me back into a place of feeling successful and grounded and like I  know what I’m doing and can see where I’m going.

Claire H

You are making the world brighter, one class at a time!  I will forever be grateful for my decision to take this course.  Your knowledge and guidance are truly invaluable.  This course and the tools taught are truly life changing!

Gretchen M

Thanks to you, I have been doing more yoga than I ever have. My professional background included being trained in Mind, Body Medicine and working with people who were traumatized, along with another practitioner, who was also trained in Somatic Experiencing.  You combining all of those into your yoga teaching is absolutely life enhancing for me. Instead of being led by my mind, my body is starting to wake from its frozen and numb state and starting to heal.  I feel lighter, because I feel that I am beginning to discover my new "drug of choice" that's been within but fear kept it behind closed doors.  What's interesting to me is that instead of thinking I HAVE to do yoga and/or meditate, I WANT to go there in my mind and body to better cope.

Sue S

I have been doing yoga for 52 years, and this was just the boost I needed to survive COVID 19. I live alone and having you show up 4 times a week was such a gift. Your approach to yoga is safe, gentle, deep and powerful. Your knowledge of psychology only enhanced the ancient science of yoga, to make it more accessible to my western minds.

Krista N

About Your Guide

Betsy Rippentrop, PhD, is a licensed psychologist, certified yoga and meditation teacher, and reiki master who uniquely blends science, psychology, mysticism and spirituality into her yoga classes and private therapy work.  

She courageously guides people into deeper awareness of their body and mind, and is especially adept at translating complex concepts into practical tools that can efficiently shift people. 

She owns Heartland Yoga, maintains a psychology practice focused on integrating yoga into treatment, has authored numerous academic papers on the mind-body connection and is author of Chakra Healing: Renew Your Life-force with the Chakras’ Seven Energy Centers.  Her second book on improving emotional health through yoga is due out next year.

She feels a strong call to change how we approach mental health, and believes that the integration of the body into a care plan is an important step forward in the evolution of our world’s mental well being. 


Yoga for the Mind takes place February 19-June 3, 2024.  The month of June is left open for students to complete their projects.  Graduation with an in person ceremony for those who can attend is July 7.  All assignments must be done by July 1  for those who want the certification.  Each Monday evening from 5:30 – 7:30PM (CST) during the duration of the course, Betsy will be live on Zoom for 2 hours.  She will lecture on new material, as well as facilitate discussion.  If you cannot make the live meeting, it will be recorded.   It is recommended that you listen to the lecture material sometime during the week prior to the Thursday noon call.  Every Thursday at noon a live call will occur to follow-up on the Monday material, answer questions, provide case examples, and even do live role plays.  

This course is geared toward people who already have a foundational understanding of yoga and have been practicing it themselves.  However, even if you know very little about yoga but are open to its utility in improving mental health, this course will meet you where you are.

You may participate in Yoga for the Mind for up to a full month.  If you do all the assigned classes, work, and yoga and do not feel your learning style matches the way we teach, we will happily refund the money you’ve paid. 

There are a limited number of partial scholarships offered on an as needed basis.  If you are interested, please fill out this form

We offer 3 payment options.

  1. Pay in full prior to beginning the program.
  2. 4 monthly payments
  3. 12 monthly payments

You are responsible in providing us with a valid credit card.  You will be charged each month on this card depending on the payment plan you choose.   If you miss a payment, you will lose access to the site and all future course materials 7 days after the payment is declined.  You will not receive access to the course material until all payments are made in full.  This course is not a “pay in part” program where you pay only for access to certain modules/months.  This is a full immersion program and the payment plan is offered so that you make the price sustainable. Once you pass the “refund period” you are consenting to pay for the entire course even if you decide to end your participation.

Each week contains 2 hours of lecture plus a 1 hour Q &A.  The minimum amount of time each week will be on average 3-4 hours.  However, it is also recommended you join at least 1-2 yoga classes per week.  There will also be weeks where you will meet with your small groups for 1 hour.  So the max amount of time per week may be more like 6-8 hours.  You will have the choice about how much time/effort you put into this course.  However practice + consistency = success. 

Yes! All sessions are recorded in video and audio format so you can go back and listen at any time.

This program is typically offered every 3 years. 

This is possible to a certain extent. Because this is a certification course, you are required to complete the material by the end of June. But, you do not have to show up for any of the live classes or live calls. You do have to finish the lessons and complete the assignments to receive the certification at the end of the 5 months.

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Here’s What You Get

Lifetime access to 5 Modules $2000 value
4 Months of Weekly Supervision Phone Call with Dr. Betsy$3200 value
2 Live Yoga Classes Per Week (that are also recorded) with Betsy$480 value
Yoga For the Mind Workbook$40 value
2 Privates (30 minutes each with Dr. Betsy)$250 value
Plus You Get the Bonus
REMIND Program with Betsy$500
That’s a $6470 value for $3300!
Pay in Full


Payment Plan

Option Available at Checkout

An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends. -Benjamin Franklin