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The pandemic took a toll on everyone’s mental health, but especially women’s.

Challenge, isolation, loss, and stress became the norm during the pandemic. Emerging data shows that women seemed to feel additional pressures from lockdown, school closures, and lack of childcare.

Have you experienced any of the following in the past year?

  • Sleeplessness
  • Muscle aches
  • A louder inner critic constantly in judgment mode
  • A sense of overwhelm
  • Despair, despondency and a desire to numb out
  • A feeling of just barely hanging on
  • Anxiety, rumination, worry
  • Feeling stuck, frozen, indecisive

The long term mental health effects of the pandemic on women is not yet known. Nor do we know how the transition back to a post-pandemic world will be for women’s well-being.

But what is clear is that women were impacted deeply at the level of their mind, heart, and body.

The long term mental health effects of the pandemic on women is not yet known. Nor do we know how the transition back to a post-pandemic world will be for women’s well-being. But what is clear is that women were impacted deeply at the level of their mind, heart, and body.

Hi, I'm Betsy

— a licensed psychologist, certified yoga and meditation teacher, author, and momma of 3 kids ages 9-15.

Somewhere in the middle of the pandemic, I found myself locked in the bathroom sitting on the toilet (one of the few places I could find a few stolen moments of peace).

I opened an email from the University of Chicago, asking for participants for a research study on the mental health ramifications of COVID. Without hesitation, I agreed to participate and fill out the questionnaires. I was shocked at my answers, seeing more clearly the truth of my situation.

I was overwhelmed, not sleeping, anxious, in grief, experiencing pain in my body, and angry about all that had been heaped on my plate. I was still working full time (on zoom), AND now also acting as a school teacher to my 3 children with 3 separate curriculums. There were also more dishes, more cooking, and more housework than ever before because we were all HOME.

The last year was hands down the hardest one I’ve faced to date. I know my situation was not unique. Everyone was challenged in a multitude of ways in this past year.

From this, I was motivated to apply for a grant and create a program for WOMEN. The purpose of this program is twofold: 1) To teach self-compassion tools to refuel women’s souls, and 2) To help fortify our collective feminine mental health against future challenges as a result of the pandemic.

Why self-compassion? For starters, women struggle with it. Additionally, research shows it is linked to improved mental health, and a positive sense of well-being, and it may assist people in processing negative experiences. It feels like the balm we all need after the year we’ve all had.


is for all women. All races, ages, body types, sexual orientation and gender identification are welcome to this sisterhood.

This past year has been emotionally exhausting. This 5-week online program is designed to help women discover self-compassion, heal the disconnect with our minds and bodies, and realize we aren’t alone.

Women are both wired and conditioned to be kind and compassionate to others. We tend to be the caregivers. However, caring for ourselves tends to be at the bottom of our endless to-do lists.

In the TEND-HER PROGRAM, we give your the opportunity to learn the art of self care and kindness. (We know, we know… this is scary and uncomfortable! Hang with us…you aren’t alone in having trouble receiving.)



Five 1-hour long online classes starting Wednesday June 30 – July 28 from 7-8PM with Dr. Betsy. If you cannot make the class LIVE, it is recorded and can be watched on an online educational portal. In the 5 classes you will learn the components of building a self-compassion practice, engage in self-compassion exercises, and learn the importance of bringing kindness to all the facets of your being (your body, your emotions, your power, and your mind).


5 Bonus sessions on Fridays from 12-1 with some of Betsy’s esteemed colleagues and friends (including coaching for professional burnout, yoga & meditation classes, and narrative therapy where you write to heal).


A private Facebook group for TEND HER members that allows for connection, community building, and a place to feel seen and heard. One of the principle characteristics of self-compassion is realizing you are not alone.


Journaling and soul-work. You will receive in the mail prior to the start of the program, a TEND HER journal to keep track of your thoughts, feelings, and new insights.


At the end of the program, you will receive a care package in the mail with items that remind you of the lessons learned in the course. This package not only provides tangible symbols of the work you did, but is also a way to “receive” care and encouragement. Plus, we are teaming with local women-run businesses to provide your swag.

Program Disclaimer

*This program is FREE for the first 500 women living in the state of Iowa who register thanks to this grant. We request that if you register for the program, that you truly engage in all of it, not only as a commitment to yourself, but to honor the space you have received. (If you are from out of state, no worries, we’d still love to have you join. Your payment covers the cost of materials sent your way.)

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  • The live online classes take place every Wednesday from 7-8PM starting June 30. (If you cannot make it live, the class is recorded). So mark time off in your calendar. You must be present to receive the inner shift!
  • The online bonus classes happen each Friday from noon-1 starting July 2.
  • Can’t make it live on Wednesdays or Fridays? No problem. You’ll receive a recording you can watch anytime.


  • Learn why the female brain is wired toward caregiving and why women so often fall into the Human Giver Syndrome
  • Understand the real signs of burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Reconnect to the natural rhythms of nature and the healing power of the 5 elements
  • Review the 3 pillars of self-compassion (Kindness, Acceptance of our Common Humanity, & Mindfulness)

Friday July 2 from noon-1 with Empowerment Coach Kate Moreland for those facing burnout.  In this one hour group coaching session, we will discuss making a plan to escape burn out by identifying negative patterns and committing to actionable steps to live a more balanced and joyful life.  Kate will be guiding a group of 3 women through a group coaching session.

  • Learn the socio-cultural reasons for why women are so disconnected from our bodies
  • Understand the 4 main benefits of embodiment
  • Gain insight into mindful tools that help us re-inhabit our body in a compassionate way

Friday July 9 from noon-1 YOGA with Fannie Hungerford.  Connect to the earth, stability and grounding in this hour long yoga practice.

  • Understand the exquisite beauty of your emotional system
  • Tap into the great power of creativity, pleasure, and sensuality
  • Learn mindful tools that help us get into the flow of our
    changing moods, desires, and creative impulses

Friday, July 16 from noon-1 with Andrea Wilson.  Go deep in exploring your inner self during this powerful session combining writing and the powerful new modality of narrative therapy.

  • Remember the importance of owning our inner fire and ability to say both YES and NO (healthy boundaries!)
  • Get clear on what empowered actions you need to be making in your life
  • Learn tools that connect us to our innate inner power and how to enact this in the world

Friday, July 23 from noon-1 yoga and breath practices with Marsha Nieland. Connect to the purifying and exhilarating element of fire to clear away all that is no longer authentic.

  • Understand why it is essential to learn to be the kind witness of your thoughts, beliefs, and inner dialogue
  • Learn why we need to make our minds our servant not the master
  • Gain tools that help you connect with a healthier inner voice that supports and nourishes rather than criticizes and judges

Sign up your child (ages 5-11) for a yoga experience with Kimberly at Heartland Yoga. There are 25 slots for this experience. 


Friday, July 30 from noon-1: Intro To Meditation with Candida Maurer, PhD. Work with the air element which is associated with the mind, to quiet and settle a busy head space using the time honored tool of meditation.  

To celebrate the completion of  Tend Her, join Betsy for a live outdoor yoga class on the 3rd Floor Patio of the Plaza Towers.  Meet Betsy and your Tend Her sisterhood.  This yoga class for all levels will focus on self compassion, connection, and JOY.

We will have signs in the building directing you to the event space.  The address is 221 E College, Iowa City, IA.  You can enter the building through the revolving door in the pedestrian mall. Class is from 4-5:15pm. 

About Your Guide

Betsy Rippentrop, PhD, is a licensed psychologist, certified yoga and meditation teacher, and Reiki master who uniquely blends science, psychology, mysticism and spirituality into her yoga classes and private therapy work.

She guides people into courageous awareness of their body and mind, and is especially adept at translating complex concepts into practical tools that can efficiently shift our state of being.

Betsy also owns Heartland Yoga, maintains a psychology practice focused on integrating yoga into treatment, has written multiple academic papers on the mind-body connection and is author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Chakras

Her second book on improving emotional health through yoga will be published in 2022. Visit her at


Kate Moreland is an experienced leader who understands the struggles of career decisions, leadership, and finding the right cultural fit. After a decade practicing law, Kate recognized that she needed to make a change. For the past 12 years, Kate has been coaching others as they explore interests, uncover strengths, and consider career moves. She has a certificate in the Science of Well Being from Yale and is the Co-Founder of Her Experience, a revolutionary retreat for women.

Marsha Nieland is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, and visual artist.  With a long and successful career in the health and wellness field, she has trained countless yoga teachers, created multiple healing programs, and taught many yoga retreats abroad.  For more info about Marsha visit
Kimberly Jaeger Arjes is a mother, teacher, human and earth steward. She fosters a student mentality with loyalty to the land and its ancestors. Kimberly is 200 hour registered yoga teacher with specialty training in restorative yoga, yoga for kids, and reiki. 
Andrea Wilson combines her experiences and education in writing and narrative therapy to create deep exploratory experiences for women and girls to connect with their true selves. She is the director of the Iowa Writers’ House, publisher of the We the Interwoven series, and currently completing her practicum work for a Masters of Narrative Therapy. More on her work with groups and individuals can be found at
Fannie Hungerford, ERYT500, is a certified ParaYoga instructor and a ParaYoga Nidra teacher.  She is deeply seeped in providing depth experiences for students in the yoga nidra tradition. For more info about Fannie, visit