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Dear Friend, Dreams are universally intriguing! They delight, surprise, amuse, and sometime terrify us. I’ve been keeping dream journals since my 20s, but started earnestly

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The Inner Child

Free Wisdom Wednesday with Dr. Betsy Rippentrop The Inner Child: Bringing Awareness to Old Patterning that Keeps us Stuck It is common to hear the

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A message for Spring

Dear Friend, Early Spring can be a challenging time because we are all carrying excess heaviness, lethargy, and dullness coming out of the winter months.

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Deep Dive

A reminder– enrollment for Yoga for the Mind  closes TODAY at 5PM! The first class begins at 5:30PM! Whether you’re a yoga teacher, therapist, coach, educator, healer,

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The Risk to Bloom

A Message From Betsy A comfort zone is a a beautiful place…. but nothing ever grows there! Research shows that when we are on the

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