The practice is focused on bringing equal awareness to the mind and body as the sources of healing and wholeness, utilizing the power of the therapeutic relationship to create lasting change and transformation.  We work as partners to help uncover and connect to your inner wisdom and healing guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the first session (90 minutes), a complete health history and overview of your life path will be covered. By the end of the first session, I will provide feedback and recommendations, and will collaborate with you to create goals and a focus for treatment. Treatment is customized, for each human is one of a kind. Despite your uniqueness, there are some constants in our work: listening to the wisdom of the body, tracking physical sensations and body memories, understanding your personal energy, relying on intuition, practicing non-judgment and mindful awareness, and understanding the relationship between body and mind.

Following the first session, we will typically meet for 50 or 75 minutes based on your preference.

This treatment combines traditional psychotherapeutic techniques while concurrently addressing the body. We will focus on challenges of the mind (negative thought patterns, outdated beliefs and stories, unhelpful behaviors), as well as recognize the patterns of breathing and muscle response that accompany these thoughts.

To augment the already powerful psychotherapeutic framework, treatment may utilize yoga postures, breathing exercises, deep relaxation, energy work, meditation, mantras, and yoga philosophy. The body has memory, and it stores emotional information, some of which you are conscious (aches and pains, pleasurable sensations), but most of which still lies outside the awareness. The body, like the mind, has its own unconscious. Yoga is one practice that holds a key to accessing and reprocessing the unconscious material contained in the body, which is why I use so many of its techniques in treatment.

Above all, the body is a self-healing organism, and our natural tendency is toward health, but we often need to be reminded how to settle back into this natural state of being. This type of treatment will encourage that transformation.

In general, all emotional experiences are felt in the body (i.e., depression often creates deep fatigue and pain in the body), whereas physical challenges are felt in the mind (i.e., deep fatigue in the body caused by autoimmune disorders creates depression). If you are presenting with depression and/or anxiety, we will not only examine the potential reasons and root causes for this, but we will also examine how this is manifesting in the body, and how we might be able to address your symptoms through physical interventions as specific yoga poses. 

Alternatively, you might present with a medical diagnosis that is not well treated with modern medicine (fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, autoimmune conditions, insomnia) and we will examine emotional experiences, fears, beliefs, and unconscious patterning that may be supporting the continuance of the physical symptoms. 

Additionally, stress-related transitions like divorce, job change, grief, caring for aging parents, or parenting challenges also respond well to this type of treatment. We will work with practical coping strategies for managing your transition, in addition to learning to track physical sensations, relaxing into the body, practicing being in the present moment, and settling back into your natural set point which is one of health and well-being.

Not necessarily. In some cases, based on our discussion and goals for treatment, we may not do any yoga. Instead, we may rely mostly on traditional talk therapy. For other cases, we may do talk therapy for many sessions, and then later decide to integrate some yoga techniques. In other cases, we may use yoga in the very first session.

Because I tailor treatment to individual needs, each person will receive what they most need, which may or may not include yoga or body-based treatments.

Fee Schedule

Cash, check, and all credit cards are accepted.

  • 90-Minute Individual Evaluation and Assessment:  $300
  • 60-Minute Follow Up Session:  $250

Insurance Information

I accept all forms of insurance; however, I do not submit claims to insurance but rather leave that up to you. I require full payment for services based on the fee schedule due at the time of appointment. Cash, credit cards, and checks are accepted. A receipt and insurance form will be provided upon request with corresponding diagnosis and treatment codes if you would like to submit them to your insurance. It is highly recommended that prior to our first session you check in with your insurance company about working with a psychologist who is out of network.

Based on your plan, part of the session may be reimbursable; however, there is also the possibility that none of it will be reimbursed.  Your therapy may qualify for flex spending accounts and/or health savings accounts, and I highly recommend researching this prior to our first appointment.

The type of treatment I provide is both unique and personalized. Many of the techniques I feel are most healing (including hypnosis, yoga, energy work, and meditation) are not covered by insurance, hence my decision to utilize this practice model. This model also allows for more personalized time with clients as time is not being used when negotiating with insurance companies. Additionally, this model ensures complete confidentiality as treatment files are not shared with any third-party payers.


I request that you cancel 24 hours prior to your appointment. The first cancellation will not be charged. However, following this, you will be charged for missed appointments.