Free Offerings with Betsy

Dr. Betsy offers new, free content every week that she’d love to share with you. Join her every Saturday at 9 AM for Free Yoga. For conversations about yoga, psychology, and spirituality, tune in on the first Wednesday of every month for Wisdom Wednesdays at noon CST.

Wisdom Wednesdays

Join Dr. Betsy for Wisdom Wednesday (the first Wednesday of every month at noon CST) as she dives deeper into topics from the traditions of psychology, neuroscience, and yoga.  Each conversation starts with a theme and content and leads into questions and conversations with those attending on ZOOM.

The intention of these conversations is inspiration, encouragement to live more authentically, and community connection.

Free Saturday Yoga Class

At the start of the pandemic, I started to offer free online Saturday yoga classes as a way to help people emotionally, mentally, and physically build resilience during the massive shifts we were all experiencing. The community quickly grew to upwards of hundreds of people practicing all across the United States.

Although the free class eventually went away, I decided to re-instate it because everyone is still feeling the effects of the pandemic. Mental health challenges have skyrocketed, and some experts say we are in a mental health crisis.

Although yoga is not a replacement for mental health care, I do believe it has the power to balance people and provide moments of relief, balance, and inner connection.  I have heard from so many people what a lifeline it was during the pandemic and continues to be.  So in service to the well-being and mental resilience of all, this class continues to be free.

Each week we explore a theme to enhance and bolster our emotional, mental, and physical health.

Please join and share this with others.

When you sign up in the box below, you will be routed to Heartland Yoga site. Choose the “Betsy 10 Week Session Saturday ZOOM” session—it is FREE.