Dear Friend, Dreams are universally intriguing! They delight, surprise, amuse, and sometime terrify us. I’ve been keeping dream journals since my 20s, but started earnestly sharing, studying, and working with them in a therapeutic way during what I like to refer to as my mid life awakening in my 40s. Scientists say dreams are just […]

The Inner Child

Free Wisdom Wednesday with Dr. Betsy Rippentrop The Inner Child: Bringing Awareness to Old Patterning that Keeps us Stuck It is common to hear the importance of ‘healing your inner child’. What does this even mean and is it even possible? What if I cannot even remember my childhood? I have enough challenges as an adult to […]

A message for Spring

Dear Friend, Early Spring can be a challenging time because we are all carrying excess heaviness, lethargy, and dullness coming out of the winter months. According to Ayurveda, in the Northern Hemisphere we are in Kapha season, a time when cold and prevailing wetness increases our tendency toward depression. Western psychological research suggests something similar. […]

Deep Dive

A reminder– enrollment for Yoga for the Mind  closes TODAY at 5PM! The first class begins at 5:30PM! Whether you’re a yoga teacher, therapist, coach, educator, healer, medical professional, or a parent…one thing’s for sure: We are in a mental health crisis, and the world is needing people in the words of Dr. Karl Menninger “to help […]

The Risk to Bloom

A Message From Betsy A comfort zone is a a beautiful place…. but nothing ever grows there! Research shows that when we are on the cusp of transformation and change, our brain registers it as “Failure”. Failure?! Of course so many of us avoid change (even if it is really positive) because no one wants to fail! […]

Finding Truth in the Body

Free Webinar with Dr. Betsy Finding Truth in the Body I  started to disconnect from my body quite early in my life, around the age of 5 after a traumatic event I wasn’t even aware of this disconnect because it happened so early, but in retrospect I can see how it resulted in anxiety, body […]

Yoga for the Mind

“I have been a seeker and still am, but I stopped asking books and the stars. I started listening to the teacher of my soul.” -Rumi Are you a seeker? Do you have a deep desire to know more about yourself and the world around you? My seeking started with books, contemplation, lots of questions, […]

Bridging Psychology + Yoga: Unlock A Body Based Approach to Mental Health

Wisdom Wednesday with Dr. Betsy Bridging Psychology + Yoga: Unlock A Body Based Approach to Mental Health Here is what you will learn: The Intricate Symphony of Mind, Body, and Spirit: Discover why true healing transcends the mind alone and requires a harmonious alignment of our entire being. Fostering a Mindful Bodily Connection for Holistic Health: Learn […]

Yoga for the Mind Begins February 19th

Dear Friends…. Yoga For The Mind is now open for enrollment! This certification course starts Monday, February 19. This 5-month online course is a deep dive into integrating yoga + psychology for enhanced mental well being. Based on my 20 years of experience in both these modalities, I will be guiding you on in-depth self-study as […]

t 5 Room House

Are you experiencing the January blues? A UK psychologist found January 24 to be the most depressing day of the year. What was happening for you this past Wednesday? There are always a multitude of factors that impact our mood and it is rarely simplistic to hone in on just one “cause”. Research has established that genetics, […]