That’s a Wrap – Thanks for a great Tend Her 3.0

Dear Tend Her Participant, I am so grateful to the 1,102 women who signed up for this course! Although we have completed all the live classes, if you missed any of them they are still available on the website that can be accessed here. If you haven’t listened to all the lessons, I encourage you to […]

DOORS OPEN: RECLAIM – The Heroine’s Journey

ReClaim Program: The Heroine’s Journey Mondays Nov 27, 2023-Feb 5, 2024, 6PM Joseph Campbell once said that “The world is full of people who have stopped listening to themselves.” He believed that if we don’t listen to our own heart life, we get lost in the shuffle of what the world tells us is important. Are you […]

3 Myths of Resiliency

Are you resilient? The majority of Americans said “yes” in a survey by the Ohio State University. However, this research revealed people over-estimated their resilience, especially mental and emotional resilience. I did this for many years. I believed myself to be strong and resilient, and now can see in retrospect what was strong was my willpower, my […]

Are You Resilient?

Resiliency is typically defined as our capacity to efficiently bounce back from stress and challenging times. But what happens when stress seems constant and the challenging times are never ending? In this month’s Wisdom Wednesday, we are exploring how resilience is no longer about bouncing back but rather bouncing forward. It is about creating new programs in our […]

How are you managing the transition to Fall?

How are you managing the transition to Fall? It’s the time of year I always want to share what feels like my personal public service message: The transition to Fall can be hard on your mood. This is personal for me. For decades I struggled each Autumn without understanding what was wrong or what I could do […]

Coming Home to Your Body: Getting To Know Your Nervous System

Wisdom Wednesdays with Betsy Wednesday, September 6 @ Noon CST Coming Home to Your Body: Getting To Know Your Nervous System Did you know that the average person goes into the fight or flight stress response 8-20 times per day? On the surface this seems “bad”, but this isn’t necessarily problematic, as long as our nervous […]

How to find calm in a divisive world

I received an email several months back from someone in our community asking if I would be willing to address her question in an upcoming Wisdom Wednesday. She wrote, “How do we achiever inner calm and live in a loving and compassionate way with the divisive state of our world?”. She went on to explain how […]


Do you need to retreat? There are many ways to define retreat. As a verb, it is to move back or withdraw. As a noun, it is a quiet or secluded place in which you can rest and relax. I have been retreating at least once a year in various ways for at least a decade, even […]

Breaking out of the boxes that bind

What messages did you get during your early years that put you in a box? Watch the replay of this Wisdom Wednesday here I asked this question to the 32 women and men on my recent retreat in Costa Rica, and we quickly filled up a white board with the messages we heard that have […]

The Need for Purification

The Need for Purification of Body, Mind, and Spirit in the Spring Are you feeling the need to lighten your load? Now is the time for Spring cleaning of our body, our energy, and our minds (and maybe the garage too). In this month’s Wisdom Wednesday we explore the need to purify our systems from the […]