14 Day New Moon Practice (Sadhana)

This 14-day New Moon Sadhana is a daily practice of writing, contemplation, and brief yogic practices. It’s a chance to pause from the chaos and a step away from the crisis to open to new energy. Essentially….to tune us into more hope!

You can repeat this practice at the start of every new moon, which happens every month.

Here’s a moon calendar for 2020.

I’ve been in the practice of new moon intention setting for several years, and can vouch for the power of this practice.

Yasin Boland in her book “Moonology”, sets out a beautiful process for intention setting on the New Moon that I routinely follow.

Here are the steps:

  1. Start by tuning into gratitude and writing down 5-10 people, things, events, or insights for which you’ve been grateful for in the past month.
  2. Next write down your top 10 wishes or desires for the month. It’s best if New Moon intentions come from the heart. They can be specific or vague. They can be for things, experiences, or feelings. But similar to the genie Alladin’s advice, you can’t wish for someone to fall in love with you or for someone to change!
  3. Now read your desires through one by one, and visualize each one as having come true. Use your power of imagination to feel as if it actually has come true. Feel the outcome in your body.
  4. Meditate for 5-15 minutes.
  5. End meditation by releasing your desires by saying (or writing under your lists) Om Namo Narayani, which means “I surrender to the power in Everything.” I typically write it three times under my lists of gratitude and intentions.

You have nothing to lose by doing this process, and perhaps might gain a newfound appreciation for the power of intention setting at the New Moon.

Have fun and trust the process.

Day 1:Gratitude

The first few days of a new moon cycle can feel quiet, and yet the manifestation has already begun!

Did you journal last night? 10 things for which you are grateful for and 10 things you would like to manifest in this moon cycle? If not, take some time to do it.

Creation takes time. And yet, this is a potent time in the lunar cycle to focus on blessings.

In the midst of this pandemic, at least for me, I’ve had a harder time looking for the good. There is so much that just “feels wrong” right now. Yet my mindset of “stop-the-world-I want-to-get-off” definitely softens when I open to grace and gratitude.

The top researchers in the field on gratitude, Roberts Emmons & Michael McCullough, have established that “a life oriented around gratefulness is the panacea fore insatiable yearnings and life’s ills”.

Arianna Huffington calls gratitude “white blood cells for the soul, protecting us from cynicism, entitlement, anger and resignation.”

Your writing and contemplation exercise for today come from a study done by Steve Toepfer at Kent State in 2007. He had undergrads write a letter of gratitude to someone inspiring in their life. No surprise, these undergrads experienced enhanced levels of happiness and decreased levels of depression.

Day 1 New Moon Sadhana Exercise:
1) Think about a person who has done something good for you and to whom you have not yet expressed gratitude. It might be a friend, a co-worker, a teacher, a mentor.
2) Write them an email or a letter describing what this person has done for you and how they have impacted your life.
3) Keep the letter brief, and yet heartfelt.
4) Send it!

Here is an example of a gratitude letter is to my son Jack, who actually turns 12 years old TODAY!

Dear Jack,

I am so grateful for your arrival in my life 12-years ago. I am grateful for your quirky sense of humor and how you continuously keep our house laughing. I’m grateful for your inquisitiveness, the thoughtful questions you ask, and your love of learning. I’m grateful for the kindness that you show your siblings, your friends, and even strangers. You have a big heart. I’m grateful for how much you love my cooking (especially when it is pulled pork tacos), your hugs, and how you kiss my forehead every night when I put you to bed. I love you.


Day 2: Feel Alive in the Body

We’ve planted the seeds of new intentions and landed in the energy of Gratitude at the start of this new moon cycle. We have a fresh slate and are sitting on loads of potential.

This is a time when we truly want to capitalize on the power of being in the body and enhancing our own vital energy.

After spending time with a group of vitally alive children yesterday to celebrate my son’s 12th birthday, I was reminded of the inherent joy and energy we all came into this world with. Yet as we age, we often feel this sense of aliveness seeping away.

Does it have to? Yoga teaches that no matter our age, we have access to vital energy.

The yoga tradition teaches that we gain vital life force, or prana, through how we breath, through the sun and nature, and via the foods we consume.

Finally, all the tools of yoga – asana, breath work, meditation – are designed to activate and channel our energy. Although the practices certainly “add” energy, the real power of the practices are actually how they “subtract” or detach you from the things that drain you.

The great sculptor Michelangelo once said, “The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”

In a similar vein, yoga is about removing the superfluous stress, racing mind, and armoring in the body to return you to what has always been there – a whole, balanced, vitally alive human being.

Perhaps one of the quickest and most efficient ways to influence energy in the body is with the BREATH! I think it might be even better than a shot of espresso. Here is a Day 2 New Moon Sadhana Practice – a 10 minute breath practice to both calm anxiety/angst AND enhance vital life force.

Day 2 New Moon Sadhana Contemplation:
When do you feel most vitally alive in your body?
What things give you life?
What things drain your life force?
What people suck you of energy?
What is the current balance of draining experiences/people and life enhancing ones?
Does something need to change? If so, what is one simple way to take the step?

Day 3: Imagine & Feel

At the start of this moon cycle I encouraged you to write down 10 things you desire to manifest. (For me, things on my list included enhanced creativity, ease of writing, self-love and forgiveness).

Yesterday I encouraged you to enhance your awareness and vital energy in your body.

All of this leads to Day 3 which is being able to imagine in your mind and feel in your body what you desire.

So two parts: Imagine & Feel.

Let’s start with imagination. It’s been said the greatest gift you were ever given was the gift of your imagination. It is the place from which you create the life you desire.

Here are some Rules for a Healthy Imagination by Dr. Wayne Dyer:

  1. Never place into your imagination any thought you would not want to materialize.
  2. Never allow your imagination to be contaminated by ideas about how your life used to be. (You need faith in your power to make the non-existent your reality).
  3. Trust that your imagination is yours and yours alone. (This means you can dream about whatever you want…no one else needs to know!)
  4. Do not let your imagination be restricted to the current conditions of your life, or what is called “being obsessed with what is.”

The next step is to Feel.

I think this is a hard step. Most of us are far more comfortable with “thinking through” what we want or intellectually engaging our mind.

Yet this is where yogis may have a step up. Yoga is a practice designed to hone the skill of feeling. I always say in my yoga classes, “Yoga is.a practice of feeling, not thinking.” We train ourselves in feeling subtle sensations in the body.

This skill translates into the manifestation process we are now doing at this new moon. Can you take your visions/desires/intentions and actually feel them in the body?

One of my desires for this next moon cycle is ease of writing where the words effortlessly flow. So I have created the thought: ease of writing. I have even created a picture of myself at my computer with my fingers feverishly clicking my keyboard.

But the final step…the feeling part is key. The feeling for me when I imagine ease of writing is one of anticipation and excitement and curiosity as I watch the words come onto the screen. I literally close my eyes picturing this scene of writing as I feel excitement, anticipation and curiosity.

So to review, the cycle of creative manifestation is first a thought, then a feeling, then a hardening into a physical object, a new feeling, a new action, or a new experience.

Or as Dr. Wayne Dyer says: Imagine it. Live it as if it were your reality. Allow. No detractors. Assume the feeling of it.

Day 4: Courage

We are on day 4 of this New Mood Sadhana journey – a journey of manifestation and self awareness.

And ultimately this journey is a small microcosm of the much larger life journey we are all on.

At this point in the moon cycle, the moon is moving from having been invisible (the new moon) to its full power. This is the time to welcome courage as an important travel companion on the path.

It is very possible for us to move through life with little awareness of the path we are trodding. It is quite common to sleep walk through life, remaining detached and mindless. We might call it the half-engaged life.

Yet we are not meant to be zombies. We are meant to live with a sense of vibrancy, which requires us to feel (which we worked with yesterday) and to be in the NOW.

Feeling and presence are the keys to waking up.

And both of these require courage. My friend Marianne Williamson in her book Return to Love writes “It takes courage…to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.”

To be on the journey of consciousness and manifestation takes COURAGE.

I’ve been squarely on the path of consciousness for about 20 years. What I mean by this is I’ve been consistently working on self awareness and understanding my own shadows and my light through many means, including psychotherapy, hypnosis, meditation, dream work, yoga, journaling.

The path is arduous, at times tiring. There are certainly sharp pains as Marianne teaches when we face ourselves in the mirror of self reflection.

And yet would I choose the alternative of a half lived life? Remaining in a state of oblivion to my own feelings and the moment before me?


My guess is that because you are reading this, you too are on the path of transformation and self-awareness. Sometimes we forget that we are not alone on this spiritual journey.

Just when we feel the old desire to shut down, numb out, and put up walls, a teacher shows up. A new lesson. Or other seekers facing a similar challenge who walk with us on part of our path.

Fear can often feel paralyzing on the path, but when we talk about it with supportive others it shrinks back. It’s said fear and courage are brothers. So know if fear is showing his head, courage is not far behind.

Courage is about perseverance, not about bravery. So stay the course…not only with the intentions you set but also with your own developing consciousness.

Day 5: Take 1 Step

The moon is continuing to move forward. As we align with this energy, the encouragement is there to take the step.

Yesterday I talked about how stepping forward on our life path requires courage, and a willingness to feel and be present, because anything can happen.

The path to manifestation for this new moon sadhana is similar. The outcomes are unknown. There is an unscripted quality to it.

We aren’t supposed to know all the details or how it is going to work out.

We are just meant to take one step.

Look back at the 10 intentions or desires you created on Day 1. Keep thinking about what you want. Read the list out loud. Visualize your desires. Feel the emotions of these desires coming true.

If you really want to transform your life and become a master manifest-er, you need to stay with your vision.

It might even help to draw your vision, or cut out pictures so you can truly have a “picture” of what you want. As it has been said, “If you can see it, you can achieve it.”

One of my intentions this moon cycle is Self-Trust. I have noticed a deep pattern in myself where I get clear on some issue or I get certain of what I desire, and then I talk about it with someone (often a loved one or someone I deeply trust). Their opinion then somehow “confuses” me and I slip back into doubt. I’m tired of living this way where I place someone else’s perspectives (often very well meaning) above my own truth. So for this moon cycle I am desiring to manifest more Self-Trust.

I borrowed a beautiful oracle deck from a friend this week, and little surprise, pulled the Inner Trust card with a gorgeous picture of a woman in a cloak. I took a picture of it with my phone, and am looking at it daily. The guidebook description of this card included the words, “You know what you are doing!” So when I look at the picture, I silently repeat this affirmation as well.

Take 1 step forward today. It doesn’t have to be a giant leap (although it certainly could). Intuitively you will know what step to take to bring you a bit closer to your heart’s desires.

Day 5 Sadhana Practice:
Read your intention list out loud.
Perhaps draw or create a picture of your desires.
Feel the desire in your body, and any emotions associated with it.
Take 1 Step.

Day 6: Sustain Motivation

If you are facing a full work week, the good news is that this current phase of the moon supports motivation and getting things done. This is a great week to knock some things off the list.

The energy is continuing to build toward the full moon in a little over a week. You might call this period of time between now and the full moon a “yang” period. The Chinese Philosophy of yin-yang describes yang energy as active, vibrant, fiery, and upward seeking.

This is a time to DO – so capitalize on this extra energetic nudge from the moon cycle. 

Life is always in flux, and in a few weeks the energy of the moon cycle will be more yin, supporting inner reflection, rest, and being versus doing.

But now is is the time to put your foot on the proverbial gas and keep it at. Maintain the faith and go for it! 

Day 7: Make Decisions

We made it to the first quarter moon where exactly half of the moon is illuminated and the other half is left shadowed.

The moon symbolizes our inner world or the shadow self. (The shadow is the hidden emotions, desires, and fears that are unconscious.) At a half moon we are 50% to the full illumination of our unconscious, but for now, much still remains hidden.

Deep moon work like the journey I’ve been taking you on allows access to our deeper realms and an opportunity to bring the dark into the light.

One might ask, why would I ever want to go into the dark and dig around in the basement of my mind?

As Carl Jung would say, “One doesn’t become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

Yogis said something very similar. One of the classic teachings of yoga in the Bhagavad Gita (a 2500 year old text) is that the purpose of yoga is to make the unconscious conscious. Since the beginning of time, yogis, saints, and those on the spiritual path have deliberately waded into the unconscious mind to understand themselves better and then to understand the larger mysteries of the Universe.

Don’t be afraid of your unconscious. It’s not just dark repressed memories and shadows we think we can’t possibly face. It’s also where our wisdom, guidance, and clarity live.

We are still in the waxing part of the moon, or the generative time of action, focus and decision making. Decision making is prime right now.

Often times we believe that decision making is solely a left brain endeavor, one that requires logic, analysis, and rationality. And yet, perhaps on this day of the half moon, decision making is so important because we are half in the light and half in the dark.

What if you made a decision balancing logic with intuition? What if you tuned into your subconscious mind as an additional source of guidance? This might come via watching your dreams the next few nights, using oracle cards, meditation, or watching for synchronicities.

Day 7 Sadhana:
What decisions are you facing right now?
Are you finding it easy to make them?
Do you have clarity and discernment?
Or are you struggling and feeling stuck?
What intuitive practices are you drawn to that might help with the choice you are facing?

Day 8: Prepare for Obstacles

Whatever project or initiative we began around the New Moon, or whatever intention we set may be starting to take flight.

And it could be a bit bumpy.

This is often the time in the moon cycle when we face obstacles.

As I look at my 10 intentions that I set over a week ago, I have already crossed one off my list as I see that there is no way it can take off.

Two of my intentions, which were fairly broad but very important to me (increased self-trust and self-kindness), took a rough turn today when I faced some challenging decisions and interpersonal interactions.

I walked away beating myself up for not trusting myself (ironic since this self-derision went against two of my intentions – self trust and self kindness).

What helped was the knowledge that this is the time of the moon cycle when obstacles appear. Check, it happened!

So, if obstacles are appearing, you are not alone.

Day 8 Sadhana Practice:

  1. Re-read your list of intentions out loud. (I did this, twice actually.)
  2. Visualize and feel them coming true. (I visualized all but one of them, which is clear will not happen, so I gave myself permission to cross it off the list.)
  3. Reconnect to courage. (I reminded myself of the many risks and steps forward I’ve take over the years, and that this is no different).
  4. Take 1 step. (I made a difficult phone call.)
  5. Turn toward your intuition. Our spidey senses are typically more effective than analysis-paralysis. (I meditated prior to bed, and asked for a dream for enhanced clarity about a decision I need to make.)
  6. Finally, and most importantly, let it be. There is a divine timing to life and everything flows in a particular rhythm. We all cling to the illusion of control, and yet it is just that, an illusion.

Day 9: Optimism

It has felt like an intense and rough week. Lots of obstacles, challenges with decision making, and the exhaustion of the uncertainty of these unprecedented times. One person I talked to this week described the “weariness” of these days and the “fragility” she has been feeling.

Well, there is some good news today.

The moon forms a trine to Mars and the Sun today. Although I am far from an expert on astrology, a trine is when two celestial bodies are 120 degrees apart. This is considered a “harmonious angle” and the energies on the day with a trine are considered lucky.

So today we have the opportunity to connect more to positivity, cooperation, and optimism.

HALLELUJAH! We will take it!

Knowing these energies are available today, take some time looking around for what is working in your life, and what is bringing joy.

One of my friends admitted that she feels “guilty” enjoying things or feeling upbeat these days when there is so much trauma in the world. It almost feels “wrong” to have a positive attitude she admitted.

I understand this. These are dark times, and they are creating the impetus for social change and also personal change, something we might not be striving for in more peaceful times.

And yet, yoga teaches us to flow with the tension of opposites and embrace the both/and continuum. It is possible to see both the reality of what is really facing us as a nation (and planet), and also enjoy the beautiful butterfly that just floated by, the feel of the sun on your face, and the joy in the laughter of your child. We are big enough to hold space for the seemingly opposite experiences of chaos and order.

I am taking great joy our new little kitty Lucky who showed up at a friend’s farm with his 4 siblings after the derecho. We agreed to adopt him. Our house is in love with this tiny bundle of joy. It’s been 25 years since I had a cat, and I forgot the pleasure in watching his antics and hearing the purrs.

Day 9 Sadhana:

  • Look around and make a mental note, or write in your journal, the things that are working well right now.
  • Today notice everything that feels harmonious and in the flow as your day unfolds.
  • Get out and have some fun!
  • Reach out to loved ones or plan a last minute outdoor adventure with a friend and use today to connect.

Day 10: Expansion & Growth

Today is day to reflect on expansion and growth. The moon’s illumination continues to grow. It is called a “gibbous” moon now that more than half of it can be seen in the night sky.

We still have the energy of the waxing moon which supports action and goals, and this energy is continuing to grow until it peaks next Tuesday on the full moon.

What do you want to go after right now? What projects are close to completion that you can take the final push to reach?

This is also a time of refinement where we pay a bit more attention to the details of what we are doing, and tweak the things not working.  Maybe you have felt a bit stuck on something. Now is the time to break through and rework aspects.

This is definitely not the time to play small. You playing small does not serve the world. You are a powerful creator.

Use this final push of the full moon to take opportunities. Evolve! The moon is on your side, so go for it!

Day 11: Tweak & Rework

In my regular work with the moon cycles, I have learned first hand the power of acting in congruence with the cycles of something far grander and ancient than myself.

The gravitational pull of the moon is strong, effecting the tides. Over 70% of the earth is water, and the human body is made up of approximately 60% of water, so surely we must also be effected by this same pull?

The full cycle of the moon is a journey of birth (new moon) to death (the days following the full moon) and then reincarnation (back to a new moon) in just 29 1/2 days.

We have about 3 days left in the waxing part of the moon which is the time of intention setting, taking action, and going for it. The energy is still strong!

It may be possible that as you look back on the intentions you set at the start of this cycle that you have lost some focus. Or maybe the goals don’t quite match up with where you stand today.

There is still time to re-evalute, reshape, and tweak your desires. Perhaps you original desire is not possible at this time, but a different version is. And if you haven’t even set intentions yet, use these coming 3 days to write down what you want.

Our intentions get “sealed” on the full moon, this coming Tuesday, so there is still time to rethink where you want to be at the end of this cycle.

We are still in a building phase so if you need to start over, there is time!

Day 11 Sadhana:

  • If you haven’t set intentions, take a couple minutes to jot down your desires.
  • If you did write down intentions on the new moon, review them and see if they need any tweaking or shifting.
  • Continue to capitalize on the new moon to help you take action on those things that are calling to you these days.

Day 12: Patience

The energy continues to build as we move closer to the full moon this Tuesday. It is believed that the effects of the full moon are felt a full 2 days prior and 2 days following. There is anticipation in the air.  

You may be sensing that something is coming in your life. You set intentions almost 2 weeks ago, you stepped up with courage, action, optimism. You have remained committed to your growth and evolution.

And now starts the waiting game.

This period reminds me of birthing my boys. For both of them, my due date came and went. And I waited, and waited and waited, very expectantly. Everything was ready. The nursery was painted, the diapers were stacked, the baby clothes were folded. But the baby wasn’t ready.

This was one of my first lessons in the art of divine timing. I had an idea of when the baby “should” come, and yet nature had its own wisdom about when the time was right.

Although he did not call it divine timing, Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist, described something very similar when we coined the term synchronicity. He defined synchronicity as ordered behavior through time, and published a paper on this topic in 1952.

He had conversations with Albert Einstein about synchronicity and its possible relationship to the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. Jung was fascinated by the possibility that life was not a series of random events but was an expression of a deeper order. He also believed that synchronistic events had the power to shake a person out of their narrow focus and help them see the “big picture” leading to spiritual awakening.

In nature, synchrony occurs everywhere from the quantum level to the animal world to the herd mentality of stock traders. Fire flies flash in unison by the thousands. Monarch butterflies always return to the same place. Women who live together regulate their menstrual cycles. Labor begins when the baby is ready.

Nature never rushes, nor does it push. Consider the opening of a rose, the falling of leaves in autumn, a caterpillar emerging from cocoon, the shifting from new moon to full moon. These transitions are never rushed and are always on time.

We have forgotten how to wait for the right moment. Take today to trust that you have set your intentions in motion, and now it’s time to allow nature to run its course. Today we remain alert, patient, waiting.

Day 12 Sadhana:

  • Today is a day of patience and rest. Give yourself permission to pause and practice waiting.
  • Notice the discomfort that can arise around this full moon period and around practicing patience. How does it manifest for you? Irritability? Anxiety? An inability to sit still?
  • Spend time in nature. Since nature is the ultimate teacher of divine timing and patience, be outdoors as much as possible.

Day 13: Ride the Emotional Waves

We are almost there….the moon goes full tomorrow right around midnight. Full moons bring illumination, completion, and climax – but also crisis points. 

Today and tomorrow can feel especially emotionally intense. The Roman Goddess of the moon was named Luna, the prefix for the word “lunatic”.

It is not uncommon that at this point in the moon cycle we feel a bit crazed, head strong, and may find ourselves wide awake unable to sleep.

For centuries people have blamed the full moon for mental breakdowns. Is it true?

The scientific data on this is mixed. One study published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of more than 5400 patients shows a small increase of visits to ER for psychiatric reasons at a full moon. Other studies show no correlation between a full moon and hospital admissions. The prevailing finding (based on a meta-analysis of 37 studies) is that just 1% of mental hospital admissions, psychiatric disturbances, crisis calls, homicides, and other criminal offenses could be attributed to the full moon.

It has been said that everything gets magnified at the full moon, good and bad. So it might be a time of crisis, but it could also be a time of opportunity.  

Whatever your experience, the cycles of nature teach us that everything comes and goes. If the full moon makes you feel a bit emotionally off kilter, know that it will not last.

Breathe deep knowing the emotional weather mostly definitely will pass.

Day 13 Sadhana:

  • Agree to allow any and all emotions to be present, without needing to fix, judge, or push away. If you need to cry, cry. If you need or rage, rage. If you need to laugh, laugh. There is no bad or wrong emotion. The worst thing we can do is suppress the emotion. Rather, let it come up and out!
  • Become curious about your emotions rather than attached to them. Relate to them like you do the clouds in the sky that may storm but always eventually blow through.
  • Engage in activities that support your emotional stability like breath work, meditation, yoga, journaling, spending time with positive people, and cutting yourself some slack!

Day 14: FULL MOON – Abundance & Completion

We made it through the journey to the full moon! It happens tonight around midnight – 12:22am CST.

Today is a day of full illumination. It is often said that on a full moon the veils between heaven and earth are thin. There is a sacredness to this day.

It is believed that the Buddha was born on a full moon, enlightened on a full moon, and left his body on a full moon. Transformation, abundance, auspiciousness, and completion all seem to abound.

This is a powerful time of gratitude for the manifestation that has already happened, or for those things that may show up at a later time in their own divine timing. Often our manifestations show up in unexpected ways and don’t always appear the way we expected. Stay tuned!

If possible, allow yourself more being today and less frenetic doing. On full moon days the pull of the moon is so strong that your prana or life force moves upward, leaving you liable to push beyond your limits. This can be in your yoga practice or your daily life. Be conscious today of backing off a bit and not motoring through with the same intensity. Keep striving in check.

Finally, consider committing some time to ritual today. This can be simple, short, and yet also powerfully effective.

Full Moon Sadhana Ritual Ideas:

  1. Set aside time to reflect on the intentions you set on the new moon and which intentions have some energy behind them or have perhaps already manifested.
  2. Read a bit more about the astrology of this full moon from my teacher and coach Cathy Pagano here.
  3. Light a candle.
  4. Engage in a full moon yoga practice. Join me today at 9AM live….OR watch for this class to be posted on YouTube later in the day.
  5. Moon bathe – literally lie under the full moon and take in her glow.
  6. Put crystals or jewelry under the full moon all night as a way to cleanse and purify them. I often put mine out all night on the picnic table.
  7. If you are feeling any heaviness, write down what you are wanting to release and burn it. This can be a good time to release and let go. If something hasn’t worked out, bless it and set it free. This is clean slate time.
  8. Do a Forgiveness Ritual. This comes from Yasimin Boland’s amazing “Moonology” book. If you have had a hard time with someone in your life who you are holding some resentments or grudges against, the full moon is a great time to free yourself.
  • Write down the name of the person who has upset you on a paper and write down as much as you need to about what they have have done to you.
  • Close your eyes, visualize that person, see them inside a pink bubble and see them smiling at you. Say out loud, “I forgive you” and then let them float off in their bubble.
  • End by reciting the Full Moon Forgiveness prayer:

“Under the glorious Full Moon, I forgive everything, everyone, every experience, every memory of the past of present that needs forgiveness. I forgive positively everyone. I also forgive myself of past mistakes. The Universe is love, and I am forgiven and governed by love alone. Love is now adjusting my life. Realizing this, I abide in peace.”

  • Burn the list your wrote in step 1

I hope you enjoyed this 14 day journey to the full moon with me. Use the power and auspicious of today well. And make sure to let me know how your intentions manifested.