Is Your Body Talking?

To check out my latest Wisdom Wednesday Webinar on this, visit: In this webinar, we talk about: How the physical body is the temple of the soul, and how messages from the soul always manifest in the body.   The importance of moving our life experiences through the body instead of allowing them to […]

Teacher Spotlight on Betsy

Name/ Pronouns: Betsy Brandl Rippentrop (She/Hers) What brought you to and how long have you been practicing yoga? I came to yoga in the midst of massive stress my 3rd year of my graduate PhD program. I was preparing to take “comprehensive exams” where we were told to know “everything” about psychology…theories, statistics, specific citations. I had several […]

the Buzz of Spring

Dear Yogis, Are you feeling the new buzz of Spring? Life is starting to awaken out there in the natural world. I am feeling it in myself – life is calling me to step up in new ways. The great thought leader Ken Wilbur has said we all need to “grow up, clean up, wake up, […]

Dark Nights of the Soul

Wisdom Wednesdays with Betsy Dark Nights of the Soul 1st Wednesday of the month @ Noon Register with this Free zoom link Join Dr. Betsy for Wisdom Wednesday (the first Wednesday of every month) as she dives a bit deeper into topics from the traditions of psychology, neuroscience, and yoga. The intention of these conversations […]

2 Years ago

Where were you 2 years ago today? We have all been through so much in these 2 years. There is a part of me ready to move on from the trauma of it all. I’m ready to look ahead to new life and put the past aside. Yet I have learned that when we rush through […]

Wisdom Wednesday 2-22-22

Wisdom Wednesdays with Betsy Free zoom Join Betsy for Wisdom Wednesdays (the first Wednesday of every month starting 2-2-22). The theme for this month is Fear, Hope, & Love: What Have We Learned In These Past Years? Here is what you will learn: Why today is a POWER PORTAL (2-2-22) and how to capitalize on this […]

Solstice Practice 2021

Hello Friends.. Happy Winter Solstice. Today we celebrate the longest night of the year. The sun actually stands still for about 3 days at the Tropic of Capricorn before turning back north. During this time of greatest darkness, we have the opportunity for deep transformation. It is in the dark times that we grow the […]

REMIND: Enhancing Emotional Resiliency with Yoga, Psychology & Neuroscience

Hi Friends, Enrollment for REMIND: Enhancing Emotional Resiliency with Yoga, Psychology & Neuroscience closes in 3 days. The course starts this Wednesday, October 20! I’ve been hearing from so many people that what they need right now is: More grounding and stability Consistency, routine, and accountability with their practices Guidance working through old relationship or […]

REMIND- Building Resiliency

Dear Friends, Do you wonder if you are as happy as you could be? Do you ever scroll through FaceBook and wonder why your life isn’t as fabulous as the person posting perfectly airbrushed pictures? Do you get stuck asking any of these questions? Am I with the right person? Am I following my passions? Am […]


Dear Friends, Every Fall, I write about the topic of seasonal changes and the connection to our moods! I’m passionate about this topic because for years I felt something was wrong with me every time summer began to wane. Modern times have made it much easier for us to detach from the natural world, especially with […]