Motherhood Unlimited Expert Services Spotlight with Valerie Friedlander and Betsy Rippentrop

8 Conscious Parenting Tips + Free Meditation

I had a great conversation with Valerie Friedlander, founder of the business “The Unlimited Mom”. She has put together an amazing FREE online event –  Motherhood Unlimited. If you want to re-energize Mom-life, re-ignite your relationship, and renew your engagement and mindfulness as a parent then you don’t want to miss out on this event! Over 20 experts share their inspiration, simple and effective strategies, and gifts to help you to have it all and do Mom-life YOUR way.

Valerie and I talked about my journey into motherhood, experiencing full blown burn-out, restructuring my commitment to myself, and how meditation has completely saved me.   My message is that to be better parents we must first take care of ourselves.  The most important relationship you will ever has is the one with yourself.  It must be nurtured, respected, and given the time it deserves.  Your children will most benefit from the time you put into yourself.  

Without consciousness and self-awareness, we easily slide into old, reactive, and outdated patterns which result in challenging relationships, not the least, the relationships with our children. Learning tools like mindfulness, meditation, and yoga teach us how to be more presents and conscious of how we are “reacting” to the world, and pave the way for living a calmer and more centered existence.  The degree of consciousness that we bring to parenting is a key determinant of how well adjusted our children will someday be.
My free gifts I’m sharing with the Motherhood Unlimited participants are:
a Bonus downloadable 10-minute meditation to help you know yourself better called the Mind/Heart/Body check-in.