Summer Solstice

Dear Friends,
Happy Summer Solstice! Today is a powerful and expansive day as we bask in the season of growth, abundance, clear seeing, and literally living in the light.
I love this time of year, and yet it is also a bit shocking to consider that 2022 is already HALF OVER. We are literally at the mid-point of the year, which makes it an important time to pause and take stock of how far we’ve come, and how far we’ve yet to go.
For me, these past 6 months since Winter Solstice have been some of the most profound and awakening months of my entire life. There have been quantum leaps for me, and the adjustment necessary to all this change has been both difficult and awe-inspiring.
What has shifted for you since December 2021 as the world started to open back up and all of us were faced with the new person who emerged after a 2-year pandemic?
Today is a time to celebrate that we are in the PRIME of the year where everything is amplified, and the vibrancy of life is very apparent. Today is also a humbling day when we acknowledge that today also marks the slow descent to more darkness. It’s a lesson in how to enjoy the time and ultimately know it will pass.
One of my biggest lessons in this past 6 months has been non-attachment and the acceptance that it ALL PASSES. How does one find comfort and security in such an unpredictable life?
All the wisdom traditions and the current research on longevity suggest that the key to more worry-free living is non-attachment. (The research shows that non-attachment is a common psychological characteristic of people who live to be one hundred years young.)
I struggled with this concept for years because I seem to CARE SO MUCH about everyone, everything, and how it all turns out! To me, non-attachment meant not caring and being passive and “meh” about life. I have learned this is not the case.
Non-attachment is an inner alignment with the present moment which means there is no resistance to what is happening. It is actually the most powerful and vibrant place from which to take action and be fully alive.
J Krishnamurti, a well-known yogi and teacher, traveled for 50 years. Near the end of his life at one of his teachings, he surprised his audience by asking, “Do you want to know my secret?”
Everyone become very alert. Many people in the audience had been following him for years and had never heard his secret.
“This is my secret,” he said. “I don’t mind what happens.”
Here is to not minding what happens….