The True Teacher Within

Listen to the true teacher within.
Listen to the true teacher within

Are you a rule follower?  I am.  Always have been.  I even feel guilty when I park a bit askew, getting too close to the next car.  But right now, my tendency to “toe the line” is not serving me!  As I keep adjusting to life with a newborn whose needs change daily, I hear myself repeating the “rules” from the baby books I’m reading.

I came to a breaking point last week, and decided to throw out all the rules and instead follow my instinct and the rhythms of my baby. I realized this could mean paying for it in the middle of the night, but was willing to chance it.  And guess what….she slept better and I was far more relaxed!

Rules are there to serve as guidance, but what I did is abandon my intuitive nature and put the power in the hands of others (i.e, the baby books!).  I had forgotten that if I only turn inward and listen to my inner voice, I will be guided.   This is a lesson I’ve learned repeatedly and it always seems to work out.  If I only listen to my own heart, I always start moving in the right direction.

Part of the problem is that our heart or intuitive nature speaks softly….it certainly doesn’t overpower the daily noise of our lives (or a crying baby for that matter).  The only way to truly “hear” your heart’s calling is to quiet down, turn inward, and patiently wait for the answer to emerge.

For me, my yoga and meditation practice often draws the answer to the surface.  I set my intention to receive clarity, and then turn my focus to my body and breath.  Inevitably, by the end of savasana, there is greater certainty and clearness in my mind.  Sometimes the answer I need is apparent.  Other times it still isn’t clear, but I certainly am no longer anxious about it which allows the answer to naturally emerge in its own sweet time.

Let go of the “shoulds”, the “oughts”, and the “musts”, and listen to the true teacher that always resides within.