2024 Here We Come

2024 Here We Come

Dear Friend,

As the snow falls heavily in Iowa today and we are housebound, it definitely feels like January. January is named after the Roman God Janus, who literally had 2 faces. One face to look back to the past and one face to look forward to the future.

January is often used to just “look forward”, with plenty of goal setting, vision boarding, and a desire to say “good riddance” to the past year.

I used to be this forward facing person who loved planning, goal setting, and envisioning a new year. I also have been known to fire up my inner “willpower” to go after my goals with self-discipline and determination.

Call it middle age mixed with the wisdom that comes from experience, but my old approach of using pure willpower to motor into a new year no longer appeals.

I realize that I am a human who lives in both the science and the mystical. I like to have one foot in the analytical data, and one foot in the mystery. This actually helps me relax more. And of course this is the space from which I teach.

If you are curious about a new way to approach the new year – one that connects you more to your wise mind than your will power, join me tomorrow for Wisdom Wednesday.

I have lots of inspiration flowing through me from this connection to wise mind that I will be speaking about tomorrow, and if you are hungry for more in-depth study, there are some opportunities coming.

Let’s connect soon,