Dear Friend,

Dreams are universally intriguing! They delight, surprise, amuse, and sometime terrify us.

I’ve been keeping dream journals since my 20s, but started earnestly sharing, studying, and working with them in a therapeutic way during what I like to refer to as my mid life awakening in my 40s.

Scientists say dreams are just the brain’s way of working out events and stress that happened during the day, whereas the mystics see dreams as our direct link to something far greater.

The truth, humor, and consistent guidance my dreams bring feels to me like a gift from the deep mystery of life.

Join me tomorrow for a Wisdom Wednesday dedicated to all things dreaming.

I’ve been collecting dreams from people who are curious to know what they might possibly mean. If you have a dream you’d like to share on Wisdom Wednesday, email me (betsy@heartlandyoga.com) and I just may share it.


Wisdom Wednesday

Dreams: The Portal Between Our Inner & Outer Worlds

Wednesday, May 1 @ Noon CST

In this Wisdom Wednesday, we are going to explore the power and insight that comes through cultivating a relationship to your dreams. Everyone dreams and yet few of us truly tap into the layers of insight available to us when we “work” our dreams.

In this Wisdom Wednesday, you will learn:

  • The purpose of dreams.
  • Different models of dream interpretation.
  • Types of dreams, and the 3 categories of symbols that often show up in dreams.
  • How to start remembering, decoding, and using your dreams to transform your waking life.
  • Live dream interpretation of several dreams sent to Betsy from Wisdom Wednesday listeners.

Replay here.