Are you feeling the call to step up in a new way?

Are you feeling the call to step up in a new way?

You might have noticed that I’ve stepped it up this year in terms of the content I’ve been putting out.

It’s truly because of COVID. Prior to the pandemic, I wanted to get the work I was doing out there in a bigger way but my fears, my insecurities, and my old inner dialogue stopped me. What if people are annoyed with this work? What if people judged me?

I was playing small.

In this past year we have collectively been thrown into a journey of mythic proportion. This meant more anxiety, more upheaval, more questioning, and the rising up of personal shadows we may have not known were even there. I heard this from clients, from friends, and experienced it in my own personal life.

Somewhere inside I knew I could no longer “hold onto” all the tools and insights I had gleaned from my work in psychology and yoga.

Inevitably the question from the Talmud arose for me, not as in idle thought but as a pressing inner voice: “It not you, who? If not now, when?”

So I stepped out.

Are you feeling an urge to step out in your own unique way?

I’m taking people on a 5 month journey through YOGA FOR THE MIND where we dive deep, clear out, tune in, and open up.

It all starts in 1 week.

If you are feeling curious about this, but have reservations, I know the doubt, the worry, the fear. I’ve been there. Invest in yourself. You are worth it.

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