Masterclass Recap of Wisdom Wednesday’s

I am super passionate about combining psychology (“the study of the human mind”) with yoga (“the study of the union of body, mind & spirit”).
I know that raising of consciousness that comes with the tools I’m going to teach in this course is life changing. I hear it from people all the time that showing up at yoga has completely shifted how they feel, how they think, and how they relate to the world.¬†This stuff is powerful.
I’ve been in this business of behavior change for 2 decades. I have never professed to know the answers. But, I do know how to guide people to their inner knowing…and this is the secret. This is where all the answers reside.
Here is some of what you will learn in this program:
  • The power of trusting your own BODY and the symptoms it provides as a roadmap to transformation.
  • How to read your energy (and other’s energy as well) for enhanced vitality.
  • The limitation of the mind, and how to replace old outdated stories about who you are.
  • How to tap into the inner teacher, the higher mind, and all those answers you are searching for about your life.
  • How to create more moments of connection with well being, and expansion.
And if you are a yoga teacher and/or health professional, you will also learn:
  • A entire manual of tools to use with clients.
  • Yoga sequences for depression, anxiety, trauma, and stress.
  • Invitational language, ethical consideration, and theoretical frameworks for applying these tools to your professional life.
  • Plus receive CEU’s for your profession and/or credits with Yoga Alliance.
So many people I’ve talked to this week have shared with me the fear and trepidation they feel about starting such an intensive deep dive. One woman said she knows this is exactly what she needs right now in life, but she is “weirdly afraid of it.”
I told her I get it. Whenever I am on the precipice of doing something good for myself that will result in transformation, my ego gets super loud and tells me I don’t have the time, the resources, or essentially the worthiness to do something this big.
If you have felt this way….you are worthy. Investing in yourself is not only the greatest gift you give yourself, but perhaps also the greatest gift you give to those in your world.
Ready to dive in with me as your mentor and guide? I’d love nothing else.
One final bonus…if you sign up before midnight on Friday, you will also get a bonus 7 yoga class series on the ROOT CHAKRA (covering topics like immune system bolstering, gravity and breath, safety/security, and abundance consciousness).

Wisdom Wednesday Playlist