Breath as a Metaphor

I’m appreciating my lungs and breath in a new way these days and envisioning them remaining healthy and strong.
But if you are anything like me, I have noticed that my breath has changed since all the news of COVID-19.
Disordered breathing is one of the first things to change in response to stress. How we breathe is a metaphor for how we are living our life.
Are you:
  • Taking little sips of breath as though you don’t have permission to take up space right now?
  • Unconsciously sighing throughout the day?
  • Holding your breath at certain times of day, for fear there might not be enough?
  • Noticing your breath feels more shallow, even imperceptible?
It is an understatement to say that the past week has been intense for most of us. In response to this, our breath is becoming more shallow and focused in the chest, a natural physiological response to stress.
Breathing is the only bodily process that is both voluntary and involuntary. The ancient yogis discovered that by consciously regulating the breath, changes in mood, energy, and outlook result. Especially during times of stress.
Breath techniques are empirically supported to help panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and stress related health conditions.
Below is a 15 minute breath practice to return your breath to belly breathing and away from chest breathing, help you feel more, and ground your energy at the same time that you experience a lightness of being.

So breathe more deeply these days. Keep you lungs open and working well. As my mentor Cathy Pagano shared in her recent newsletter, “As we work to fill ourselves with breath and the Light, we can be a Light to the world. It’s our choice.”