Dark Nights of the Soul

Wisdom Wednesdays with Betsy

Dark Nights of the Soul

1st Wednesday of the month @ Noon

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Join Dr. Betsy for Wisdom Wednesday (the first Wednesday of every month) as she dives a bit deeper into topics from the traditions of psychology, neuroscience, and yoga. The intention of these conversations is inspiration and encouragement to live more authentically.

In April, Betsy is tackling a passage that everyone will traverse at least once throughout their lifetime (and more likely multiple times): the dark night of the soul. These trial points in life are not extraordinary or rare, and they help you burn through what is holding you back, propelling you toward a new phase. Having a roadmap, as well as hope that the endpoint is better than the starting point, is helpful.

Here are the things you will learn in today’s Webinar:

  1. What is the dark night and how does it differ from depression or anxiety?
  2. The key markers of dark night: Mystery, Loss of Control, Confusion
  3. What most people do when faced with a dark night.
  4. How dark nights propel us into our unconscious mind and why this is a good thing.
  5. How transformation is always the endpoint of the dark night journey, and the 5 ways we can ensure growth from such experiences.

Due to the number of people registered for this event, we have had to change it to a webinar format to accommodate larger numbers of participants.

Here is the zoom link. 

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If you cannot make it live, it will be recorded and put on the Heartland YouTube channel.