the Buzz of Spring

Dear Yogis,

Are you feeling the new buzz of Spring? Life is starting to awaken out there in the natural world. I am feeling it in myself – life is calling me to step up in new ways.

The great thought leader Ken Wilbur has said we all need to “grow up, clean up, wake up, show up”. He reminds us that there is an urgency right now on our planet, and there is no more time for excuses.

He teaches we must “grow up by moving through the early stages of emotional maturation, clean up by doing shadow work on ourselves, wake up by doing spiritual practice, and show up by serving humanity”.

It’s a big ask of all of us. But there is a reason we are all on this planet at this particular moment in history.

There are many people in my life who I see “growing up, cleaning up, waking up, and showing up”. Two of those people are teachers to me – Marianne Williamson and Salisha Aya. AND…they are both showing up for our community in just a few short weeks.

Both of them have done serious years of growing up and cleaning up. I see them as very awakened AND they both are in deep service. I am so inspired by them. If you relate AT ALL to an inner urge to wake up and show up in a deeper way for this world….please come out and be in the presence of these wise women.

There are several ways to connect…all happening the weekend of May 6-8. Would love to see all of you as we inspire each other to step up!!!

Purchase tickets here.