Deep Dive

A reminder– enrollment for Yoga for the Mind  closes TODAY at 5PM! The first class begins at 5:30PM!

Whether you’re a yoga teacher, therapist, coach, educator, healer, medical professional, or a parent…one thing’s for sure:

We are in a mental health crisis, and the world is needing people in the words of Dr. Karl Menninger “to help dilute the misery”.

When people learn tools to connect their mind and body, and bolster their mental well-being, they begin to develop agency, hope, and more trust in themselves.

I created Yoga for the Mind because when I was a young professional starting my career 25 years ago, I was looking for a model and treatment path for helping people heal the rift between their mind and body. I created exactly what I could have used all those years ago.

I know that what you will learn in this program really works, and I want to teach you so you can share it with others.

It is a 5 month online course with weekly interaction with me on weekly lessons, live Q & A’s, individual sessions, and group sessions.

Here is what we cover:

  • A model that takes into account the many layers of who we are: our body, our energy, our mind, our subconscious, and our innate joy.
  • Tools that heal and help us integrate each of the layers of who we are (these tools come from the disciplines of yoga, psychology, and energy medicine).
  • The power of meditation. Each participant will have the opportunity to receive a personalized mantra and education on Primordial Sound Meditation as taught by Dr. Deepak Chopra.
  • The importance of inner depth work (including shadow work) to help us fully access our wisdom centers.

You also receive:

  • 2 individual sessions with me
  • Small group experiences
  • A handbook of mind-body tools
  • 3 BONUS Yoga Series for registering (Yoga for Mental Well Being Series, Yoga to Lighten Up Series, Root Chakra Yoga Series)

Join Yoga for the Mind now. Not only will your grow and transform in ways you could never imagine, you will also gain skills to hold healing space for others.


P.S. Just remember…doors close at midnight, so please complete your registration now if you feel the program is right for you.