Do You Need Some Grounding?

October 12, 2022

Dear Friend,
I spent last weekend in Colorado. The changing Aspens were gorgeous, but the temperatures were cool and the wind was strong. This weather pattern, coupled with the shortening of the days, is a common set up for increased anxiety, rumination, and insomnia…and I felt all of the above!
Just like the squirrels are preparing for winter, we too need to be conscious of what we are doing to set ourselves up well for the long, dark days to come.
Resilience is something we can cultivate and practice. Resilience helps us withstand the storms of life without getting pummeled. And, after these intense last few years filled with loss, uncertainty and unrest, many of us may feel like our inner resilience reservoir is depleted.
In these past months have you felt:
  • Stuck, like nothing is working and you cannot move forward
  • Overly exhausted despite getting sleep? OR maybe not sleeping well at all?
  • Unsettled and angsty?
  • Longing for more connection and authentic conversations?
  • Facing your own personal relational, emotional or mental patterns you’ve been stuck in before but seem to have resurfaced?
Imagine instead…
  • Feeling more in control of your internal states despite the uncertainty in the external world.
  • Allowing all emotions to flow through without getting hooked.
  • Knowing how to brighten your mood and stop ruminating in as quick as 3 minutes.
  • Overcoming shame and guilt (about your body, how you parent, work production, etc).
  • Finally committing to that daily meditation you’ve wanted to do but haven’t figured out how to stay accountable.
  • Finding moments of joy and happiness despite the darker days
If you relate to any of the above, consider joining me for REMIND, an empirically supported 8-week online program designed to “remind” you of your fullest potential and transform anxiety, depression, and stress using the wisdom of yoga, psychology, and neuroscience.
This is the 6th time I will teach this course. I almost didn’t offer it this year, but after my experience in CO, I was reminded of how powerful these tools are and how important it feels to share them.