Time to Journey In & Down

October 18, 2022
We are heading into the darkest days of the year.
Instead of burning ourselves out with more work, more activity, more social engagements…at this pivotal juncture point in the year we are meant to pull our awareness IN AND DOWN.
We are meant to slow our pace, nourish our bodies, and strengthen our nervous systems for the months to come.
I personally find this hard to do! The slowing down can be challenging, especially as we head into holiday season filled with parties, shopping, and lights.
But this shift in pace and rhythm is essential for our bodies, minds, and spirits. I have found the inner work we do at this seasonal transition will carry us through the long months of Winter.
For the past 6 years, I have offered REMIND this time of year to help people make the shift inward. The accountability of a large group of people doing the practices together often provides the encouragement we need to follow through.
In the REMIND program, we work with the 6 fundamental habits that help create resiliency (and they are all based in research).
  1. Be in the body. Research has shown that those who are more practiced at being in their body make better decisions and are perhaps more protected against depression, addiction, and anxiety.
  2. Calm the nervous system. Learn the key components of rehabilitating your nervous system toward more ease and why it might just also help improve our relationships to loved ones.
  3. Regulate the breath. When you learn how to control and work with your breath, you learn how to also “tame your mind” in the words of the great yogi BKS Iyengar.
  4. Align with your body’s natural rhythms and cycles. There is an optimal blueprint and schedule for your body and energy, and once we learn it and practice it, a positive mood shift occurs.
  5. Practice mindful awareness. This course will provide the tips, support, and tools needed to make meditation a more regular part of your life.
  6. Change your narrative. Understand the power of neuroplasticity and how to shift your narratives toward more life enhancing perspectives.