Downshift as Fall Approaches

How is your life balance?  I spent years trying to find that elusive place of equilibrium with the perfect mix of work, family life, relaxation, and a clean house.  There were moments that felt balanced, but the operative word is “moments”…it never lasted.

The yoga sutras teach that we can achieve balance, or a “sattvic” state in our mind and body by doing the practice.  This is our optimal state.  There are 2 other states we also experience:  “rajasic” which is activity, doing, anxiety, and stress or “tamasic” which is dullness, fatigue, and disconnection.  The key thing to know is NONE OF THESE STATES ARE BAD.  We all have moments of productivity and stress, as well as times of separateness and lethargy.  It’s all part of the package of being human!  However, we certainly feel best in the sattvic state, which is why regular practice is so helpful.

windy-tree-leaves.jpgThis past week has been perfect to explore balance as we just had the Fall Equinox, when the length of day and night are nearly equal.  It’s useful to know that we are moving out of the active time of cultivation, planting seeds, growing new projects and creating.  This growth cycle of the year has reached completion.  We are now entering the harvest season, which means these last 4 months of the year are about receiving and basking in the abundance that the past 9 months have created.  This is the time to slow down, rest, move out of action, and receive.  Cultivate a sense of completeness.

Downshift, enjoy these days and feel the abundance all around you – it’s there!