Man and women's hands in the shape of a heart over lady's pregnant belly.

Empowered Pregnancy Summit


While many woman love being pregnant, it was a struggle for me.  The changes in my body, the rush of hormones, the intense emotions, the fears….it was all so intense! Despite diligently preparing for each birth, none of them went the way I imagined, requiring me to work with disappointment and ultimately acceptance.  I had friends also sharing in the pregnancy journey, yet I often felt insecure bringing up my fears and worries, somehow thinking I should just “naturally” know how to do this.  Oh how I wished I could have had more support and guidance!

Thats why I was so thrilled when my friend, and fellow mom, Krystina Sloan told me she was hosting an interview series all around this topic.  A series which was actually born out of her own research project about how women go through monumental changes and can still thrive in all area’s of their life.  The series is called “Empowered Pregnancy Summit” and is for women who want to have a conscious pregnancy and powerful birth experience.  This is for women who wish they had this information and opportunity while they were pregnant, even if they aren’t currently expecting.

In my 45 minute interview with Krystina, we talked about:
  • My journey to integrate yoga and psychology for healing.
  • The creation of Mindful Birthing at Heartland Yoga and how it has served multiple families in our community for 8 years.
  • How pregnancy is the perfect time for transformation, cleaning out emotional debris, changing generational patterns, and becoming more CONSCIOUS.
  • My 3 different birthing experiences and how they all contributed to lessons and deep change within me.
  • The free gift I am offering: an Empowered Body Meditation.

It’s been said that the body cannot lie.  The mind is a like a politician….it can twist and warp the truth.  But the body…the body is always honest.

For many of us, we’ve become quite disconnected from the body.  We don’t eat when we are hungry, we don’t sleep when we are tired, we don’t rest when we are fatigued.  The beauty of pregnancy is that you are experiencing so many body changes that it becomes easier to actually be more connected and in tune with the body.

The body is your greatest truth telling device, and being more connected to its wisdom is one of your greatest assests.

This meditation I am offering is designed to relax the body, clear the mind, and create a deeper sense of trust and connection to the wise body.  Whether you are preparing to birth a baby, run a marathon, or seeking internal guidance for a challenge facing you, this guided meditation will prepare you by getting you out of your mind, into your body where there is always a deep source of well-being and peace.

To listen to this free 20 minute meditation, click here.

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img_4791Each pregnancy and birth was different and each of these precious children carry their own unique energy.  I am blessed to be their mom.  They are my greatest teachers.