February 1st, 2023

Practices for Body, Energy & Mind as our Life Force Re-Awakens at Imbolc
Join Dr. Betsy for Wisdom Wednesday (the first Wednesday of every month) as she dives a bit deeper into topics from the traditions of psychology, neuroscience, and yoga. The intention of these conversations is inspiration to live more aligned with authenticity.
Happy Imbolc – the midpoint between Winter and Spring.  Imbolc means “in the belly of the mother”, showing us that this is a time of fertility and rebirth.
This is a picture of my big belly being kissed by my oldest the day I gave birth to my youngest, Gretta Grace, on Imbolc – February 1. (With my middle son Jack in the background not looking so sure about the entire scene).
In this Wisdom Wednesday you will learn:
1) What the heck is Imbolc and why it is important to honor, especially in modern times.
2) How Imbolc is about Rest, Reflection, Review, and Imagination.
3) Why we continue to need REST this time of year, and why rest can be considered a form of resistance to our grind culture that has indoctrinated us to believe overworking is a badge of honor.
4) The specific practices we need at this point in the year for our bodies, our energy, and our minds.