Inside Job

On some level we do yoga because we desire transformation. We might want change in our bodies, our flexibility, our balance. Or, we want to transform our relationship to our emotions…we want to suffer less and have more joy. Some want to experience less stress.

Even though it may be possible to point to things on the outside that would transform or change our life for the better (i.e., winning the lottery, a move to an amazing place, graduating, retirement, finding a partner) true transformation is an inside job.

All transformation comes from working on yourself, or deep self study, which in Sanksrit is called “Svadhaya”. Ram Dass says “Your first job is to work on yourself. The greatest thing you can do for another human being is to get your own house in order and find your true spiritual heart.”

Is your house in order? Or are you focused on others’ houses with the expectation that if they get their baggage cleaned up everything in your life will improve? There is a tendency to look outside ourselves for guidance, but only you know what you need and what is in your highest good. The more you keep drawing inward and following your heart, the more you stop living by other people’s judgment and expectations. You start doing what you need to do. And, then transformation is inevitable.