winter solstice scenery

Power of New Moons

I’ve always been one to love the “start” of things whether it is early morning, the first day of school, or ringing in a new year.  Perhaps this is why I’m consistently drawn to tuning into the energy of the new moon, which happens TODAY.  A new moon brings the opportunity to slow down, take stock, and get clear on what you want to bring into your world or let go of during the next 28 days.  New moons are new beginnings, and we all resonate with the deep need to start afresh.
Ironically, new moons require we begin in darkness, as this is the one day in the moon cycle where the sun is completely blocked from shining its light on the moon.  Thus, new moons put you in greater touch with your shadow, or the dark parts of yourself that you push away, don’t acknowledge, are unaware of, or hide from.
If we truly desire transformation and the chance to eventually bask in the light of the full moon, we must embrace the dark of the new moon. In the yogic view, the major obstacle to our consciousness and ultimately our brilliance is our unconsciousness.  When we keep pushing things away, they of course never go away but just grow stronger.  Carl Jung warned that “What remains unconscious will come to you as fate.”  Embracing our shadow is a necessary part of fully stepping into our greatness or light.
This moon gives you a chance to do it differently and wake up to everything, including the really messy parts of your life that you keep pushing away.  Through the yoga practice, there is nothing unknown to us….it all shows up.  As our “stuff” shows up on the mat, we can practice tolerating intensity, sensations, heat, and feelings that we might otherwise push away, cling to, or react to.
Use today to embrace that your life is messy and challenging and also filled with joy, love, and abundance and that you are powerful enough to hold it ALL.