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Recipe for Making Desires a Reality

At the start of a new year there is always a chance for a fresh start.  We all, as humans, have a desire to feel better and to be better.  There is an innate desire and a natural drive to rise from our circumstances and actualize our highest self.
One of the ways we’ve been taught to reach our potentials is set goals and resolutions, yet the research doesn’t actually support this methodology. Most resolutions go unachieved, usually within the first 30 days, and only 8% of those who set them succeed.
Yoga provides 3 key insights about how to better make our desires a reality:
1) Get clear.  
The ancient sages counseled that we practice yoga to clear the mind, so we can begin to glimpse the part of self that is wise, and an endless source of inspiration and peace.  Until our mind is clear, our desires our misguided and we don’t really know what we want.
2)  Apply effort.
Yoga teaches that it takes real initiative, grit, resolve, struggle, and courage to manifest what we want. In yoga, we call this “sankalpa shakti”.  We must put forth effort to bring forth our best self.
3) Let go.
No matter how much we want something, it is essential to set the intention and then detach from the outcome.  In yoga this is called “isvara pranidana”. It isn’t the same as inaction or passivity, but rather, is a deep trust that there is something larger at play helping you achieve your desire than merely your own will.
Here’s to a great 2016!