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Being the Light During These Dark Days

My daughter Gretta, who has been gifted with joie de vivre, has been singing Jingle Bells at the top of her lungs all week.  During one of her renditions, I heard the lyric “making spirits bright” in a new way, making me think about how we can keep our our spirits bright this holiday season. 

We are in a natural period of darkness – short days and long nights.  Many people I talked to in the week after Thanksgiving reported emotional lability, insomnia, stress, and overall crankiness!  Holidays can be joyful, but also stressful, overwhelming, and often sad if associated with lost loved ones or challenging family dynamics.

Despite the busy-ness and inherent stress of this season, stick with your yoga practice as a way to stay clear and lit from within.  You will notice lots of special restorative workshops and yoga nidra on our schedule in the coming weeks to help you remain grounded and open.  

I always say that yogis have great responsibility to be a positive force in this world.  As we attune with our highest selves and open our hearts, it is imperative that we share it with the world around us.  Be the light this season!