REMIND- Building Resiliency

Dear Friends,

Do you wonder if you are as happy as you could be? Do you ever scroll through FaceBook and wonder why your life isn’t as fabulous as the person posting perfectly airbrushed pictures?

Do you get stuck asking any of these questions?
Am I with the right person?
Am I following my passions?
Am I doing what I love?
What is my purpose in life?
Am I living in my ideal place?
Am I as happy as I should be?

Ask any American what he or she wants most in life and the majority will say to be happy. Even our Founding Fathers emphasized the importance of the “pursuit of happiness” in the Declaration of Independence.

While I am a fan of feeling happy, believe me, I think the pursuit of happiness can actually backfire and create discontent. In fact research shows the more a person is encouraged to value happiness as a life goal, they less happy they are.

Although I’ve been a long term student of positive psychology, and myself have been a pursuer of happiness in all its forms, I’ve come to realize that building resiliency is a far more valuable path.

Resiliency is the capacity to cope with adversity and challenges that arises from an unshakeable and steadfast core. Resiliency helps us embrace the broad spectrum of the human experience. Ironically, true resilience also fosters well-being. It just comes through a different path of steadfast presence vs running on the perpetual treadmill toward happiness.

If you are curious about the pursuit of resiliency, please join me Thursday in my free webinar at noon CST.  A replay will be made available if you can’t join at that time.

In the webinar, you will learn:
Why our American “pursuit of happiness” is like running on a never ending treadmill.
Why the development of resilience may be a more fruitful path toward elevated mood states.
The key components to the development of resilience, including connecting to the body, breath, and present moment.
Why accepting paradox is a powerful step in developing an unshakable core of resiliency.
How my upcoming REMIND program provides guidance for attaining more inner resiliency.

See you there!


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