REMIND: Enhancing Emotional Resiliency with Yoga, Psychology & Neuroscience

Hi Friends,

Enrollment for REMIND: Enhancing Emotional Resiliency with Yoga, Psychology & Neuroscience closes in 3 days.

The course starts this Wednesday, October 20!

I’ve been hearing from so many people that what they need right now is:
More grounding and stability
Consistency, routine, and accountability with their practices
Guidance working through old relationship or emotional patterning that has resurfaced in the midst of this stressful time
Connection (the real, deep kind not the surface stuff)

Do you relate?

REMIND was designed for anyone wanting to find more inner stability and daily thriving. It also provides a framework of consistency, accountability, and support to start new habits that enhance your physical and mental well being.

I’ve been getting so many great questions about this course, so here are some answers!

I can’t make Wednesday nights at 5:30 and am wondering about doing it a different time, or even starting a week late. Is this possible?

This course is entirely online, so you can access it anywhere, anytime, and work at a pace that fits your schedule.

I will present the week’s material LIVE every Wednesday night at 5:30PM, and of course there is something energizing about all being together at the same time doing the same thing, however it is not necessary. You can watch anytime!

You also have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course, so you revisit the material and practices anytime you want. Or you could even purchase the course now but start the course a month down the road.

How long is the time commitment each week?

The lesson for each week starts with a 30 minute lecture, followed by a 60-minute practice to embody the material we just discussed. So plan for 90 minutes each week. In addition, I will encourage that you “practice” what was presented throughout the week. Consistency + practice = success.

Do I have to be an expert in yoga? What if I don’t have much experience?

Although yoga is a foundational piece of this program, it is not just the physical practices of yoga, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual practices. Plus, other tools from the world of psychology and neuroscience are also provided. So it is definitely a program that can work for all, no matter your yoga acumen.

Why is it 9 weeks?

All the research suggests that significant mood shifts and even brain changes happen from doing yoga 2x/week for 8 weeks. I added an additional week in this course to focus on habit evolution so we actually maintain the beneficial changes that will emerge.

Will there be access to you throughout the course?

Yes. Not only will there be a private FB page where participants can interact, but there are also 4 scheduled live Q & A’s during the course. Approximately every 2 weeks, I will host a Zoom Meeting with the group to answer questions, have live discussion, and even do some live coaching for anyone who wants it. Also, you will have email access to me. Finally, as the program nears the end, if you choose to add on this option, you can do a 1-on-1 session with me to talk more about your individualized plan and create some accountability.

I don’t have FaceBook. Is this a necessary component?

Not at all. All of the materials, replays, and practices will be on a website to which you will have access. The new material for the week will show up on this website the day after the live practice.

The private FB page is only a small component and is just an opportunity for participants to interact with one another, if this is something you like.

I’ve personally taken several online courses with private FB groups and not interacted at all on FB, so it definitely isn’t necessary.

Do I have access to Betsy’s weekly yoga classes as well?

Yes, this is perhaps one of the biggest bonuses of this course. Because the research suggests that all the great mental and physical health benefits come from yoga 2x per week for 8 weeks, not only do you have the weekly REMIND course, but you also have access to 2 additional yoga classes each week with Betsy. (This is worth over $350). You will get links to Betsy’s live classes on T/S @ 9AM. Also, if you cannot make these times, all of the classes are stored on a website where you have access to them any time.

I took the class before? Does it make sense for me to take it again?

Many people choose to repeat this course each time it is offered. Although the bulk of the content is similar, I am always evolving personally and tend to add new things into each session. For this session, I’m especially excited to add content on habit evolution, something I’ve been studying in depth with my coach Cate Stillman. I personally think it is the group consciousness and accountability that gives many people the extra push to make positive changes. Dynamic groups are a powerful means of transformation. I always offer a discount to past student who took the course, so if that is you and you want the coupon code for the discount, email me at

Are there scholarships?

Yes, many people have requested more information about this. So if this would be helpful, reach out to

I would love to have you join me for REMIND!


We literally are in the darkest days of the year, which is an ideal time to dive a little deeper into yourself to find your inner light and resiliency. This program may be some inspiration to shine a little brighter.

Much love,


P.S. Still have questions? Reach out to me at


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