winter solstice scenery

Season To Complete, Let Go, and Release the Old

We are on the home stretch of the year. This period between Halloween and the Winter Solstice on December 22 is a time for massive letting go.  Starting anything new is going against the energy of the season, so our time is best spent in completing things, and releasing the old.

I’ve always been drawn to the stress relief and equanimity that yoga provides, but the practice isn’t just about being peaceful. It’s also about being strong, wild, forceful….like warriors. As you go deeper into your yoga practice, it will ask you at some point to confront those parts of yourself that may be suppressed by fear, trauma, or social conditioning and that may be squelching your joy, undercutting your confidence or passion, or sabotaging your health.

During these next 6 weeks tune into the empowered side of you that is willing to cut through the BS, and ask:

What parts of my life no longer serve me?

Who or what do I need to leave behind to focus on what is in my highest interest?

What old rigid ideas, beliefs or behaviors need to go?

Letting things die is especially hard in a society that fears death.   Can we be courageous enough to face the dark during this period, so that when the new year comes we have the space and clarity to allow new things to emerge?