Spring Expansion

March 24th, 2023

I spent Wednesday at a staff planning meeting at Prairiewoods. It’s amazing what fresh air and communing with nature can do to freshen up your creative thinking.
One of my favorite moments was communing with what has been called “Grandmother Tree” on the property. I was intuitively pulled to put my legs up the tree (like the pose Viparita Karani). Looking up at Grandmother’s branches, I felt both stability and expansion, which to me mirrors the essence of Spring.
Spring is the halfway point between the quiet stability of Winter and the full expansion of Summer. Spring is our portal to a new life, and it urges us to take take steps forward by engaging more actively in the world after our collective Winter hibernation. It is the season of motivation, inspiration, and poking our heads out toward more connection.
If we haven’t seen you live and person lately….this is the season to come out again and show us your face! We miss seeing you!
We just started a new Spring session that you can join in person or on zoom. We are also adding new moon cacao ceremonies and sound healing to our offerings. Plans for a summer of yoga and expansion are in the works so stay tuned….
Come connect…we would love to welcome you!
P.S. Feeling a need for a major reset? I just learned they have added 3 additional spots in my upcoming healing yoga/meditation retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica May 20-27. Check out all the details here and reach out to me at info@heartlandyoga.com with questions.  Love to spend a week with you!