The Many Moods of Spring

April 5th, 2023

The Many Moods of Spring: Riding the Emotional Waves
Spring is an optimistic season as the light returns and the green shoots begin popping up. It can also be the harbinger of a confusing roller coaster of emotions.
In this month’s Wisdom Wednesday, Dr. Betsy will normalize and explain why you might be bouncing between feelings of lethargy, irritability, anger, and depression during this season of Spring. She will also take your questions.
Here is what you will learn in this Month’s Wisdom Wednesday:
  1. Why early Spring tends to be such a hard time for people’s mental well-being.
  2. The reason aggressive behavior spikes in the Spring for both men and women.
  3. Why the influx of light may be hard on our systems.
  4. The 9 healthy habits to carry you through this season for less emotional struggle.