Tend Her Wild Podcast

Excited to announce my new podcast TEND HER WILD with my friend and colleague Kate Moreland.
Last summer to my amazement, 1000 women gathered online to participate in the program TEND HER – a 5 week journey toward more self compassion. I had NO IDEA that women were so hungry for connection, wisdom, and tools for how to balance being both soft and fierce.
We might say a small movement was started, and even after the program ended, energy from this experience and the connections made kept moving forward. On the TEND HER Facebook page, women continue to post inspirational quotes and build each other up. A book club got started. Women’s circles have sprung up.
I’m convinced NOW MORE THAN EVER, that it is time for women to step up. And not in the ways we are used to that require over-giving, over-working, and burning ourselves out (i.e., “the human giver syndrome”). Rather, by truly acknowledging our unique gifts and how to be of service to the world.
But to do this, women need women. And we need to re-wild…or return to our natural essence that allows us be the intuitive, truth speaking, incorrigible, open hearted, deeply feeling miracles that we are.
I love nothing more than to talk about these things with WOMEN…hence this new podcast. Each week, Kate and I are going to tackle a challenging topic or interview women about how they re-wilded and found the courage to step out of a tight box to live a more authentic life.
You can find TEND HER WILD on apple, google, spotify, and stitcher.
Hope you enjoy! And if you like it, please subscribe!
Betsy and Kate
P.S. Stay tuned for TEND HER 2.0 coming this summer!!!!!!
Listen to the fist episode here.