Wisdom Wednesday 2-22-22

Wisdom Wednesdays with Betsy
Join Betsy for Wisdom Wednesdays (the first Wednesday of every month starting 2-2-22).
The theme for this month is Fear, Hope, & Love: What Have We Learned In These Past Years?
Here is what you will learn:
  • Why today is a POWER PORTAL (2-2-22) and how to capitalize on this energy.
  • How the unpredictability and uncertainty of living in a 2-year ongoing pandemic has wreaked havoc on our collective nervous system and unearthed deep levels of fear and how this is slowing down the hope that typically defines this time of year.
  • How to work with the very real fears facing us, but not allow the fear to overpower our capacity to lift ourselves toward more love and hope.

We will save time for questions, as well as a brief meditation/breath practice.

If you can’t join live, look for the YouTube video saved on the Heartland Yoga YouTube channel.

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Watch the replay here.