That’s a Wrap – Thanks for a great Tend Her 3.0

Dear Tend Her Participant,

I am so grateful to the 1,102 women who signed up for this course! Although we have completed all the live classes, if you missed any of them they are still available on the website that can be accessed here.

If you haven’t listened to all the lessons, I encourage you to do soon, because life too quickly takes off and pulls us in another direction.

This is powerful material and is certain to shift your body, your relationship to your emotions, and your mind. We all need to build our resilience muscle more than ever in this complicated world (and perhaps for the complicated holidays that are soon upon us)!

Provided below are follow-up resources and encouragement to stay steadfast on your resilience path.

Week 1: What is Resilience?

In Week 1 lesson we:

  • Talk about what resilience is and what it isn’t
  • Cover the 3 important pillars of resilience: know thyself, feel thyself, show thyself.
  • Figure out our personal resilience baseline
  • Learn several resiliency tools including heart coherent breathing, elephant imagery, and creating a resilience story

Week 2: Physical Resilience

In Week 2 lesson we:

  • Talk about why most of us have become detached from our bodies
  • We cover the 4 red flags that we are not living in our body
  • We discuss pain and why it often shows up as a signal that we are not present in our body
  • Go deeper into resilience stories and Betsy share her story
  • Cover embodiment tools like: Feet/Pelvis, Non-Linear Movement Method, Bouncing/Shaking

Week 3: Mental & Emotional Resilience

In Week 3 lesson we:

  • Talk about how our emotions are amazing information to us, and the necessity of moving emotion through our body vs allowing it to get stuck
  • Shed light on the reality of the mind (which isn’t that pretty)
  • Understand that emotional and mental resilience comes from the heart
  • Do an exercise that taps us into the intelligence of the heart to guide us toward answers about what we need to release, receive, and know

Week 4: Social Resilience

In Week 4 lesson we:

  • Discuss how we are social beings and our resilience and well-being is entangled with the energy of those around us
  • Cover why it is absolutely necessary to take responsibility for our own energy
  • The power of shadow work to help us shine more of our light

To access the full course (including the 4 bonus hypnosis recordings and slides),

click here.

If you feel drawn to continue this type of work, I would love to have you join my upcoming 9-week online course RECLAIM: A Heroine’s Journey which starts Monday, November 27.

The Heroine’s Journey is a chance to re-engage or re-claim the places in our lives where we have disconnected from our truth in some way. In this process we will use powerful tools such as depth psychology, shadow work, meditation, yoga, breath work, hypnosis, and archetypal work to help us access more ourselves. Plus, your are fully supported by me in this process, as well as the group energy of other people doing similar depth work.

In this course you get:

  • 9 live 60-minute online classes
  • 9 live Q & A’s
  • 2 online yoga classes each week
  • 3 New Moon Cacao Ceremonies
  • Private FB group
  • Option to work individually with Betsy
For all the details + Registration

If you really want to dive deep with Betsy, consider joining her and her colleagues at the world class Blue Spirit retreat center in Costa Rica from May 11-18, 2024.

Not only do you have 4 hours of content and classes with Betsy each day, but you also have access to organic food, a longevity medical center, a spa, miles of beach and warm ocean, and the sound of monkeys in the canopy of trees above.

This is an opportunity for you to be deeply cared for, and have the support to release and let go of that which is weighing you down. Transform and quantum leap forward!

As a participant in TEND HER, you get $200 of registration for this retreat through black Friday.

Tell me more about Costa Rica Retreat
“If we could realize the work is to keep doing the work, we would be much more fierce and much more peaceful.”
-Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes