Cabin in the woods during the winter.

The Winter Slog: Finding Your Light


Emily Dickson once observed that “April is the hardest month”, but for me, February ranks right up there. Cabin fever has set in at my house, and shorter fuses, irritability and impatience seem to be more the norm than the exception.
It is hard to stay bright and open on these cold, long, dark days. The above quote has always inspired me during the winter months to follow nature’s suggestion to turn inward, and look inside for the light.

One of my favorite yoga teachings is simply that we are light. The light of our soul is never diminished, but continues to burn brightly, even in February, or when we feel at our darkest. The yoga practice clears the mind and body, and allows us to glimpse again this part of ourselves, this eternal light, that is an endless source of inspiration and peace. Use the practice to help you dissolve the accumulated baggage that is blocking your bright radiance. Then, once you’ve remembered your inherent light, be willing to take the risk to shine it out into the world.

“When you possess light within, you see it externally”, according to Anais Nin. You do possess light, this is absolutely certain, and because you now remember this, look for the light in others, in your children, in your spouse, in the slow driver in front of you, in your most challenging relationship.