Picture of Tulip in a field.

Transitioning Into Spring

Spring is officially here, and with it another opportunity for change and transition. While the warmer weather is heartily welcomed, lots of people I talked to this week are feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the changes beckoning them. The transition of seasons creates a subtle sense of unrest in us, and we have yet again another chance to work with our resistances.

Since life is always changing and we are continuously being asked to adjust to new circumstances (even if it is less snow and warmer temps), it brings up the deeper questions of ….How do I find comfort in an unpredictable life? Is it possible to remain positive and live joyously in the midst of stress ,challenge, and constant change?

Throughout the ages, the great wisdom traditions have provided an answer to these questions: Nonattachment and Surrender. The Bhagavad Gita states, “Seek refuge in the attitude of detachment and you will amass the wealth of spiritual awareness….There is no cause for worry.”

Pause for a moment, and hear those final words again “no cause for worry”. Can you fully appreciate the significance of this? Let those words sink in. Can you imagine a life that no longer contains worry and stress? For most of us, this is something we can theoretically consider, but have a hard time implementing. By committing to the practice of non-attachment and surrendering to what is happening in our daily lives….we create more possibility for worry-free lives.

One more reason to practice Nonattachment:  It’s a common psychological characteristic of people who live to be a hundred years old!