Yoga for the Mind Begins February 19th

Dear Friends….

Yoga For The Mind is now open for enrollment! This certification course starts Monday, February 19.

This 5-month online course is a deep dive into integrating yoga + psychology for enhanced mental well being.

Based on my 20 years of experience in both these modalities, I will be guiding you on in-depth self-study as we explore the interconnectedness of the 5 layers of our being.

  1. Our Physical Body
  2. Our Energy
  3. Our Conscious Mind
  4. Our Unconscious & Wise Mind
  5. Our Innate Joyful Essence

I taught this course 4 years ago while we were slowly coming out the pandemic. People shared this course was like a life line to them.

Although this course teaches a practical framework and provides a handbook of hundreds of healing tools that can be used in therapeutic settings, what sets it apart is it’s focus on the healing and growth of the practitioner (whether the practitioner is a mental health professional, a yoga teacher or a curious yogi).

When we begin to fathom the depth and breadth of our own system, and engage in practices to purify and balance our system, we profoundly shift how we interact with the world and those with whom we work.

For all the details, including the curriculum, click here.