Bridging Psychology + Yoga: Unlock A Body Based Approach to Mental Health

Wisdom Wednesday with Dr. Betsy

Bridging Psychology + Yoga:

Unlock A Body Based Approach to Mental Health

Here is what you will learn:

  • The Intricate Symphony of Mind, Body, and Spirit: Discover why true healing transcends the mind alone and requires a harmonious alignment of our entire being.
  • Fostering a Mindful Bodily Connection for Holistic Health: Learn why this deep connection is not just beneficial, but essential, serving as a cornerstone for returning to a state of comprehensive health and well-being.
  • Embodiment — The Key to Systemic Healing: Understand the new science behind why more awareness of the body may be a protective factor against mental health challenges.
  • Harness the Body’s Innate Wisdom Through Somatic Tools: Gain access to specific, body-based techniques that unlock and leverage the body’s inherent wisdom.
  • Integrating Yoga and Psychology for a Revolutionary Healing Approach: Learn how the fusion of yoga and psychology, offers a new paradigm for understanding and treating psychological distress, providing a more holistic and effective path to healing.


14:29 The power of the Kosha model, a holistic viewpoint of health that is first mentioned in The Upanishads, a Vedic text dating to sometime between 500-600 BC.

18:19 Why the first layer of our being, the body, is the place we must begin our journey to health.

21:49 The science of interoception, and the benefits of being more present in the body.

24:19 The body practice of PELVIS/FEET.

26:49 The second layer of our system, our energy layer, and the importance of breath and lung capacity, plus the research supporting it.

31:49 The energy practice of BOX BREATHING.

34:49 The third layer, our mental layer, and how it is the most constricted aspect of self.

36:19 The negativity bias and the default mode network.

38:29 The mental practice of MANTRA MEDITATION with the mantra SO HUM.

42:39 The fourth layer, our wise mind, and how it helps us discern and make decisions.

43:49 The 3 seats of intuition in the body.

44:29 The wise mind practice of IMAGINATION – SAFE PLACE.

46:39 The fifth layer, our bliss layer, which is the seat of true nature which is deep peace, love, and contentment.

49:19 A final overview of how you might use the Kosha Model with a client in a healing practice.

52:49 Information about Betsy’s upcoming “Yoga for the Mind” program.