Yoga Transformation Stories

Transformation.  That has been the theme I’ve been hearing lately.

3 yogis have shared with me this week how yoga has literally helped them get through the challenges of their daily life.

One woman shared the massive stressors in her daily job – the workload, the expectations, the lack of funding, the pace, and the overall imbalance and toxicity in the workplace.  She said the only way she has been able to survive is weekly yoga and her commitment to meditation.  Without it….she’s unsure where she would be.

Another woman shared how for years she dealt with anxiety, living with it for so long she didn’t know it could be any different.  Then 3 years ago she began doing yoga and now feels ease, relaxation, clarity, space, and can see how differently she moves through the world because of spending regular time on the yoga mat each week.

Someone else shared a revelation that came recently that she actually loved her body.  Having endured years of negative body talk and poor self-image, she noticed that she is not only on the other side of it but also now has deep love and compassion for her body.  When asked what the shift was for her…her answer was yoga.  She said she is finally relating to how her body feels and not how her body looks.  Massive perspective shift!

I heard myself in everyone of these stories, and related to the sentiment that yoga somehow “saved” me.   For all of these people, yoga has created a deeper connection to their inner power, inner stillness, inner peace…and and now they face their lives differently.  They lean into life with greater resiliency, greater calm, and greater self-compassion.

I am so inspired!  Hope it’s inspiration to you too….keep practicing.  And if it’s been awhile…come back home to yourself.  You will not regret it.