3 Myths of Resiliency

Are you resilient?

The majority of Americans said “yes” in a survey by the Ohio State University.

However, this research revealed people over-estimated their resilience, especially mental and emotional resilience.

I did this for many years. I believed myself to be strong and resilient, and now can see in retrospect what was strong was my willpower, my ambition, and my ego.

I believe there is a distinction between what we believe is resilience and what is actually “authentic resilience”.

We believe resilience is quickly getting through a hardship by being strong, stoic, and held together.

In reality, our brave face and unwillingness to feel may work in the short run but eventually weakens our capacity to connect.

We believe resilience is looking for the good in hard times, reciting “positive quotes”, and floating above the hardship.

In reality, our rose colored glasses make things looks pretty in the short run but eventually deteriorate our self-trust.

We believe resilience is bouncing back after something difficult and returning to our previous baseline.

In reality, we can never go back. Life is about continual evolving, and when we resist this by returning to what feels “normal and safe” we are stuck in survival mode instead of transforming into our fullest potential.

Authentic resilience is knowing thyself, the light and the dark.

Authentic resilience is feeling your life, the hard and the beautiful.

Authentic resilience is expressing yourself, all parts, and no longer hiding your true nature.

What if YOU are the answer? What if there is a place somewhere in YOU that cannot be disturbed? What if there is depth in YOU that can remain steadfast and withstand the winds of life? This is resilience.

All of us benefit from a commitment to strengthen our resilience muscle. Life is unpredictable and so much is outside our control. But we can control the depth to which we know ourselves, feel our life, and express our authentic nature.

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If you feel trepidation or resistance to engaging in such a program, this is a great sign. Resistance reliably shows up when we are undertaking something that will elevate us to the next level.

Hope to see you on Monday.