A Call to Courage

September 16th, 2022
Initiation: The Call to Courage
Have you been recently initiated? A divorce, a diagnosis, an empty nest, a job change, financial loss, addiction, midlife transitions, or the death of someone you love?
Initiation in the hero and heroine’s journey is the major transition point to a new and larger life. It always includes trials, challenges, and entering the unknown.
In this webinar, we are going to explore this initiation phase, normalize what can feel intolerable, and look toward why enduring this period prepares us for a life of deeper truth, aliveness, and potency.
Here is what you will learn in today’s webinar:
  • How, why, and when we get initiated
  • The mass hypnosis & the resistance to the call
  • Why heeding the initiation is necessary
  • When courage comes in
  • The Heroine’s Journey