September 12,2022
“Jump!” Is what my kids all yelled. There is no way I would have volunteered to jump off the side of the boat without their encouragement. And because I did, it was an exhilarating, memorable experience (even if the water was freezing cold).
Hard things that require courage often feel impossible to do alone. It helps to have comrades nudging you forward.
When those hard things are moving us toward change and uncertainty, it’s even more imperative that we have support.
Neuroscience research teaches us that uncertainty registers in our brain much like an error does. No wonder we all get so resistant to making big changes, especially at the 11th hour – it feels like a mistake to our brains!
If you are alone standing on the edge of a cliff, knowing that you need to jump but are terrified…..maybe you need support.
Or if you are stuck on your couch with the deep feeling that there is more to life than this……maybe you need support.
It is so easy to get stuck in indecision, lethargy, and fear when we are needing to heed the soul call that something needs to shift in our life.