Breaking out of the boxes that bind

What messages did you get during your early years that put you in a box?
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I asked this question to the 32 women and men on my recent retreat in Costa Rica, and we quickly filled up a white board with the messages we heard that have reverberated throughout our life.
  • Don’t take up space or be too much.
  • Make everyone else happy.
  • Don’t be different.
  • Avoid confrontation.
  • Never talk about your problems.
  • Don’t let success go to your head.
  • Failure = shame
  • You can always be better.
  • Family always comes first, even if it is damaging.
  • Anger is never allowed.
We were all fed messages in our formative years that were not especially helpful, and in some cases, were quite harmful.
In this month’s Wisdom Wednesday, we are going to explore breaking out of the box of the conditioning we all picked up along the way.
Here is what you will learn:
  1. The power of our first ten years in laying down the structure of how we see the world.
  2. The process of returning to our own truth following the the disconnect that happens when we absorb the ideals of other’s desires for us.
  3. Some of the myths we have collectively absorbed and the inner fragmentation that results when we learn to “normalize” the abnormal.
  4. The pathway of how to question the status quo so we can neither slight our own needs nor turn away from the world.
This is a BIG conversation and one I have been leaning into for some time. Please come with questions, comments, and support for how we all break through the ties that bind us individually and collectively.
This is a free seminar. Please register. If you cannot make it live, a recording will be sent to you.
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