Embracing Abundance Consciousness

August 26, 2022

We are in the final weeks of “summer” which energetically is a time of celebration. This is the time of year to bask in the glow of all the abundance. There is still warmth, light, and copious amounts of tomatoes.  These days are meant for gratitude, play, joy, and fun.
This all shifts come mid-September when we truly enter the season of Autumn which energetically is a time of surrender and death….but we aren’t there yet, so let’s stay with the energy of abundance.
Do you live with abundance consciousness? Stephen Covey coined this term in his 1989 best seller the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. It is the belief that there is enough resources and successes for everyone.
The opposite is scarcity consciousness, which is the fear that you are lacking something (time, money, talent, relationships). It is the belief that there is simply “not enough”, and that you are missing out.
All of us likely move up and down the continuum from feelings of abundance to scarcity. An abundant mindset isn’t always easy to cultivate due to our evolutionary wiring of survival of the fittest, which contributes to fears that there isn’t enough to go around.
Additionally, so many of our fears about scarcity play out at a very unconscious level, which means we don’t know why we are so avoidant of taking risks or why we believe we will never find the relationships, job, or opportunities we desire.
For me, my yoga and meditation practice, as well as depth psychology work including hypnosis and dream work, allow me to weed out those unconscious beliefs that wreak havoc with well-being, such as fears of scarcity.
Join me this Saturday for a class to help us really land in the practice of seeing all the abundance around us. We will use the tools of mindfulness, mudras, gratitude and yoga nidra to celebrate and be receptive to all the good surrounding us.