Trusting Your Truth

September 7th, 2022

In our fast-paced world, it’s far too easy to lose oneself and the deep truth of why we are actually here on this earth.
When we lose track of our instincts, our truth, and our inner voice, we lose the nourishing roots of our life…
…and we find ourselves flailing around with no rudder.
Join me as we explore why we disconnect from our truth and how we can reclaim it, so we gain the power of discernment.
During class, you’ll learn:
✨ The two biggest threats to our truth (and what we can do to combat them)
✨ How our physical symptoms, emotional challenges, and dreams are all messages from our Soul pointing us towards our truth
✨ Why the call to our truth gets louder with age, and what happens when we resist the call to transform
✨ Why following the rules is overrated
✨ The power of individuation, or the surrendering of the life we wanted or expected, for that which the Soul calls for
✨ Clear-cut tools that help us drop in and more clearly discern our truth

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